Father & Son

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Clementine POV

Ever since her arrival at Ericson's, Clem and Louis had gotten close. It even ended up with them confessing their feelings for each other. The pair are now an official couple.
Even during a war between the living and dead, the teens were able to find romance.

AJ and Louis had also been able to get a close bond too. They were obviously good friends, but it was clear that AJ looked up to the dread head.
He was almost like the father figure he never had.

There was simple things that AJ would copy Louis with.
Such as, placing his hands on his hips when explaining something. This was a habit Louis obviously did a lot, but the small boy had never done it before meeting him. Since meeting him, there was more times than not that AJ would do it.

"Come press this key." The older boy spoke, sat at his beloved piano.
"Go ahead AJ." Clem encouraged him.

Cautiously coming up to the piano, AJ hit the key that was pointed out.
"Great. Now press this one." Louis instructed, pointing to a new one further along the instrument.
The short boy hit that second key also.
Laughing, Louis praised his skill. "You're a natural."

After that incident, AJ was eager to learn more new music. It was fun, not having to worry about being loud.
"Would you be able to teach me more songs?" He spoke, happily.
"Sure little man. Why don't you wait for me in the music room, while I clean up here?" Louis spoke with a smile, continuing his work at hand.

Joining the little boy at the music room, specially the piano, Louis took a seat next to him.
"Today, we are going to learn Mary Had A Little Lamb." He said, trying to find the music sheets.
Curious for who Mary was, AJ questioned it. "Who's Mary and why did she have a lamb?"
Snorting to himself, Louis began to make up a little story about it. "Well, Mary was a young girl that had a pet lamb as her friend. They did everything together. She could even speak to the animal."
"That's stupid. Humans can't talk to animals." AJ retorted, with a raised brow.
Shocked, Louis responded "This woman can. You calling me liar?" He joked.
"What? No. I just haven't heard of that before." The small boy responded, before pressing random keys on the piano.
Pulling his hands away, Louis said "Hey, don't break my precious baby." Referring to the Ivories he called his piano.

After everything Louis did for AJ, he decided to repay the older boy by teaching him how to properly shoot a gun and move onto a bow and arrow.
"No Louis. You aren't raising the gun high enough. Look, watch Clem do it." AJ huffed, growing frustrated.
"We can't all be naturals in the art of hunting." Louis grumbled in reply, with crossed arms. Now focusing on Clem, he was able to see how to do it properly.

Clem drew the gun up, perfectly holding it up to her eye allowing her to get the shot. After a couple of concentrating seconds, she was able to press the trigger and a bullet was sent out.
Hitting the target at a near enough perfect bullseye, Louis began giving a round of applause. "That's my girlfriend!" He shouted, pointing at the girl while looking around the court yard.

Dragging the dread head by the arm, AJ then brought him back to his post. "Now, try again. But copy what Clem did."
"Loud and clear little man." The tall boy responded, getting into position.
AJ gave a small smile at the name.

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