Return to Richmond

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Clementine POV

All of the drama with the child snatching Delta group has ended, Clem and Louis are officially happy in their relationship and AJ got the home he was desperate for.
That meant, Clem and AJ were both fulfilled. Except, there was one thing Clem has yet to fulfil.
And that was returning back to Richmond. Seeing Javier, Kate and Gabe.

After all, she owed them a lot. They showed kindness and showed her what a normal family can be like, even if in the middle of the world ending.
In a world of undead, anything could end at anytime.

"So, you are telling me that you want me to join you and AJ on a trip? A trip that means seeing your ex boyfriend?" Louis questioned, arms crossed and brows raised. He was unsure about the idea.
Clem mirrored his crossed arms, showing her stubborn nature. "Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. And Gabe isn't my ex." She retorted, rolling her eyes.
"He basically is your ex when you both fancied each other." Louis replied, starting to pout.
Clem huffed, "This was 4 years ago Louis. You know that I only like you."
"Damn right you do." Louis perked up, grinning at his girlfriend.

AJ was now joining in the couples talk, joining them on patrol duty. "I can't wait to see Javi again. It's been so long!" The little boy chirped.
"I'm surprised you even remember Richmond and Javier. After all, you were just a toddler." Clem replied, smiling.
The boy ignored the first comment and instead retorted, "I'm grown now!"
Louis chuckled at his retort, rubbing his Afro. "Sure you are, little dude." He replied.

"I think it's worth a visit back there, since Javi wanted to teach you baseball." Clem spoke, recalling the promise she made to bring AJ back.
"That's a cool idea. I used to love baseball." Louis said, doing his signature jacket grab.
"What's baseball?" AJ asked, not understanding.
Louis knew that question was coming. He explained, "It's a game with a ball and bat. You have to hit the ball, with the bat as far as possible."
"Sounds hard." The little boy mumbled. Clem just simply laughed.

Louis POV

The city of Richmond was a strange place. It was an ordinary city from before the walkers started walking, but with a huge wall around it. It felt safe, and normal.

Javi was a famous baseball player, who Louis recognised from watching the games as a kid. There was his girlfriend, Kate. Turns out, Kate and Javi used to be in laws before they started dating after the death of his brother - David.
Finally, there was Gabe, the boy that fancies Clem all those years ago.

"Clementine! What a nice surprise, even after all of these years." Javi announced, giving the short girl a hug. It had been awhile since seeing each other.
"Yeah, sorry about that. We got caught up in some shit." Clem attempted to simply explain the recent events.
"All that matters to me is you are safe." He replied with a smile. Seeing the boys over Clem's shoulder, Javi spoke again "And you brought some guests!"
Clem giggled as Javi approached the unsuspecting boys. "This is AJ, who you know. And that's Louis, my boyfriend." She said, introducing them.

Louis was awkwardly stood there, not knowing what to do. Since, that's his childhood hero speaking to him. "Nice to meet you Louis." The man spoke, holding his hand out waiting.
The dread head boy shook his hand in return. "You too. I'm actually a huge fan. It was shitty for the team to bam you for gambling." He said, stating his opinion.
Javi shrugged. "That was all a life time ago." He clearly wasn't bothered by it anymore.

Javi then crouched to the little boys level, who was yet to speak. "Hey little man. I haven't seen you in a long while."
AJ just looked at Clem, not sure what to do. Clem rolled her hand, signalling to speak.
"I'm not little. I'm big." The boy retorted.
"Sure you are." Javi chuckled. He continued, "Wanna play some baseball? I can teach you a thing or two." And AJ agreed, happy to do some unusually new sports.

Before walking away, Javi said to Clem "Gabe is in the main building. He will be happy to see you again."
"Oh, beanie boy?" Louis spoke, laughing at his own stupid joke. Clem just rolled her eyes at the boy, and said a quick "Thanks."

Clementine was insistent on the boyfriend meeting her basically ex. Louis just went with it, otherwise he's never hear the end of it. Besides, it made his girlfriend happy and he enjoyed seeing her like that.

"Gabe!" The girl called, hoping to see the other teen.
A random boy popped out from a hallway at the side, after hearing his voice be called. He still had his orange beanie, which looked slightly dirty after all these years. He was also taller than Clem remembers.
"Clem?" He asked, cocking his head in question.
"I'm offended that you don't remember me." She retorted, hands on her hips.
Coming into full view, Gabriel wiped his hands on his dirty jeans. "No, I do remember you. I'm just shocked that's all." He spoke, growing nervous. He gave a simple smile, showing his appreciation for the visit.

Louis zoned out, growing bored. That was until, hearing his name.
"Who's that?" Gabe whispered, aiming it at the unfamiliar dread head.
"Oh, that's my boyfriend, Louis." Clem said, with a happy smile on her face. She looked proud at announcing that, which made Louis glad too.
Louis smirked his signature smirk, and placed his rough hand out for a handshake. "Hey, I'm the boyfriend, Louis." He joked.
Cautiously, he took the hand and shook it. "Gabe." He spoke his name, still wary. After all, it was a stranger. His jaw looked tense, and his teeth ground together.
The dread head gave his hand a firm shake, perhaps too hard. But, he didn't care. "I know who you are." Louis simply said, still with a smile on his face.

Clementine must have sensed the tension.
"Okay, I'm going to check on AJ and make sure he hasn't killed anyone." She said, forcing the boys hands apart.
"Good idea." Gabe retorted, still feeling annoyed.
Once fully sure that Clem had left the building, Louis turned back to the beanie boy.

"Ya know, I'm glad she left Richmond because that's what made her fall into my arms." Louis said, with a false politeness. Under his breathe he muttered, "And not into yours."
Gabe crossed his arms, then retorted. "I'm glad. She deserves you." He said, also acting with a false happiness.
Truth was, Gabe still low key fancied Clem. After all, what was not to like about her?

Walking away, Louis patted the boy on the back. "Don't worry Gabey, you will find another girl some time soon. Just, it won't be Clem." And gave him a condescending wink before fully exiting the room.
Hearing the beanie boy mutter a low "Asshole." Forced Louis to try to hold back his laughter.

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