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(this takes place right after visitor's)

(third person with Canada's)
Canada woke up, slowly rising out of bed. He looked over at his alarm clock and aw that its was 10:30, which meant he slept in. Canada yawned and reached for his glasses and got up to go get breakfast. When Canada opened his bedroom door he was hit with the smell of something, he couldn't figure out what it was. Canada could tell that it was coming from the kitchen and when he made it to the kitchen he saw that China was plating breakfast. "good morning Canada" Hong Kong said while sitting at the breakfast counter waiting for china to give him food. "good morning Hong Kong, China you didn't have to do this I would have made breakfast" Canada said while he tried to help with getting breakfast served. "its no problem, I like cooking aru" china said as they sat down to started eating. After breakfast the trio started to clean the dishes until there was a knock on the door. "ill get it" Canada said as he walked over to the door, only to get tackled when he opened it. "HEY DUDE, I HAVE GREAT IDEA" America yelled as he picked Canada up and hugged the life out of him. "what is it America" Canada asked trying to regain his breath "well how about me and you go on a small trip together, since we haven't hung out in a while" America said while making himself comfortable on the couch. "well I guess we can go on a trip, it would be nice" Canada said as he sat down next to America. China and Hong Kong excused themselves because they wanted to go sightseeing. As the China and Hong Kong where leaving, they opened the door to see France, England and Russia. It was silent for only a moment until France ran in yelling for Canada, America and Canada stood up to great France, but America didn't get the greeting he thought he would. France Ran right at America and pushed him to the ground and then hugged Canada and pulled him away from where America had fallen. Russia, England, Hong Kong and China came running into the living room and saw America on the floor. Canada seeing Russia started to get upset again and America jumped up and said " The Commies presence is upsetting Canada why would you bring him here, Russia isn't welcome here". " The only reason Canada is upset over Russia being here is because you told Canada a lie, you showed him a fake recording of the conversation between you and Russia" England said as he walked over to France and Canada. Canada was now confused and didn't know what was going on. " why are you accusing me of this single and I would never do something like that to Canada, he's my brother" America said as he yanked on Canada's arm bringing Canada closer to him and out of Frances arms. "We have proof that you messed with the recording and Russia hadn't said anything bad about Canada" France said pulling Canada back. Hong Kong Grabbed Canada's arm and brought him over to China and China asked "what's going on aru". America answered first "Russia said some horrible things about Canada and I got it on a voice recording" Russia who was not happy said "that is a lie you messed with the recording, I never said anything bad about Canada". Russia and America got face to face and it look they were about to start a fight until "THAT IS ENOUGH NO FIGHTING IN MY HOUSE" Canada Actually yelled and then went up to his room. The country's stood there in silence until England grabbed America and said "Russia you stay you three (China,HK and France) help me get him out". The four of them eventually got America out of the house. Russia slowly made his way to Canada's room, When Russia made it to the doors of Canada's room, he saw Canada's little polar bear kuma, sitting there "guarding" the door. When Russia would try to knock on the door kuma would start to growl so Russia gave up and went and got kuma a fish from the kitchen then came back and Crouched down to the polar bears level and said "if I give you this fish will you let me in". Kuma being the polar bear cub excepted the fish and moved so Russia could go in the room. As Russia entered the room he could see that Canada ever so childishly hit himself under the blanket of his bed. Russia slowly walked over to the edge of the bed and said "Canada we have to talk, are you alright". All Russia got was a muffled "go away" from Canada, " no Canada I will not go away, I never said those things about you, I don't want to use you,I" russia stopped there not really knowing what to say next. Canada set up straight which cause the blanks to go flying in Russia could see Canada's face Russia saw that it was tear stained and his eyes are red from crying " how can I believe you, I don't know if your telling me the truth, how do I know that after this you won't just walk away and forget me like everybody else does" Canada said tear welling up in his eyes again. Russia started "because Canada I..I ah um" Russia was interrupted by Canada " you what Russia?!? Do you care Or do you just want to leave and forget about me" Canada was fully crying now. Russia didn't know what to do and in one moment Russia (gently) grabbed Canada's face and kissed him. Canada took a moment to realize what happened and kissed back, when the two pulled away russia whispered "I love you, and I don't want to lose you like I've lost everyone else". Canada barely took a moment to respond before saying "you won't lose me, I love you too" and Canada wrapped his arms around Russia neck and kissed him. Russia wrapped his arms around Canada's waist ( russia is sitting on the edge of the bed and Canada's was sitting near him but with his legs under him) the kiss was starting to turn into a makeout until America kicked the door open and ran in with China, HK, France and England hit on his trail. Canada and Russia quickly pulled apart, both red in the face. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?!" America asked " isn't it obvious you stupid American, it's amour (love)" France said as England gave an awkward cough. America started walking over to the bed until Canada hugged Russia and said to America " I want you to leave". America was shocked to hear this "your picking the commie over me, your own brother" America said while glaring at the two of them. Canada sighed "why are you making me choose, can't you just be happy for me". America was speechless for a moment and then said "you don't have to because im gone, if you want to get your heart broken by this commie then be my guest" with that America left. Canada started crying and Russia held him in a close hug the four other countries also left knowing Canada was in good hands.

( time skip to about 3 months later)

Russia and Canada's relationship blossomed and they were closer than ever, Russia made sure Canada was never forgotten and Canada Was helping Russia make new friend and be less scary. America didn't bother them much which upset Canada but Canada was willing to wait until his brother was ready to apologize. Even if America didn't apologize, Canada had russia and Russia had Canada and that's all they needed because together they were happy. They had both gotten what they always wanted Canada wanted to be remembered and Russia wanted friends and together they did just that and more they both had someone they cared for and loved,each other.

The end

(Hope you enjoyed this story)

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