to protect

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(England's pov) surprised? (at beginning of meeting)

( thinking)Russia and .....can...Canada yes Canada just came through the door they were late but that's not what was odd. Canada was in a fit of laughter about something though it was obvious that Russia had said something*. I look over at France and he just shrugs his shoulders which isn't helpful at all. When I look over at America who was being quite which was also odd. I tapped his shoulder and asked "what's wrong America" and his head snapped up and I noticed he had a black eye. "mind you own damn business" America said to me which was extremely rude and unnecessary. I looked back over at France who looked shocked. France gave me a questioning glance but all I could give him was a shrug because I had no clue what was going on. As the meeting went on Russia kept making sure Canada's opinion was heard and then I realised that Canada never spoke during a meeting or that we didn't let him. I felt saddened all of a sudden as I realised how much we over looked him. I tapped Frances thigh and said to him "did we always forget him like this" the face France made said it all we had been forgetting him. I was still looking at franc and he was just looking at his hands that were folded on his lap. I patted his hand and said "we will try to do better" France just gave a small smile and nodded and went back to focusing on the meeting. I was till worried about America so glanced over at him but he was glaring at somebody but he noticed me looking at him and then told me to "fuck off". America went back to glaring at someone so I followed were his eyes were looking. He was glaring at his brother and Russia, did something happen between them, why wasn't America happy that Canada made a friend. The meeting just ended and America started stomping his way over to were Canada and Russia were standing and talking. I grabbed his and started to say ' America don't do anything stupid" America just looked at me and ripped his arm from my grip and continued walking.

(Third person)

"YO COMMIE BASTERD" America yelled while storing up to Russia and Canada. Canada being a peace keeping country tugged on Russia's sleeve and said in a quite tone "lets leave". Russia didn't want to leave he wanted to face a America but when he looked at Canada all the anger just left him, he didn't know how and he didn't know why but Canada just calmed him down. So he and Canada started to leave but America blocked the door. "you aren't going any were commie I don't know what your doing with my brother but it stops know" America said while clenching his fist at his sides. Russia started to speak "America I do no"-ENOUGH TALKING" America interrupted and was getting ready to punch Russia. Russia put his arms up to block the punch but it never came. Russia heard a few gasp and he lowered his arms to see the that Canada had stepped in the middle of them. "I think my noise is broken I... I need to got to the hospital" Canada said before looking at Russia and passing out. Russia luckily caught him. Russia looked up at America (he had to kneel to support the sudden weight in is arms) with hatred in his eye and stood up holding Canada bridal style "I don't have time for you, stay away from Canada" Russia said to America with hatred lacing his words. Russia brushed past America and went to take Canada to the hospital. America was left in a room full of people he was just standing there looking his hand as the shock slowly wore off he just hit his own brother the one he was trying to protect. What he could understand is why, why was the fact that Canada made a friend make him so made jalousie.

(Russia's pov)

I was sitting in the waiting room for what felt like for ever. At least I had some time to think about these last few days. Canada and I have become friends which made me happy, everyone is to scared of me to be my friends. But I guess Canada also didn't have friends because of how much he is over looked. Someone called out my name, it was England who was holding Kuma.

(Third person)

"do you mind if I sit here"? England asked Russia. Russia just nodded and continued to stare at his hands. A nurse walked up to them "um you were the one who came in with the blonde man right"? the nurse asked Russia. Russia nodded and the nurse continued "well we need his name and he hasn't woken up yet". Russia thought for a moment he didn't know Canada's human name because they were never around people. England told the nurse "his name is Mathew when do you think he will be released". The nurse wrote Mathews name down and looked back at the two men but before she could say anything France came through the front doors. France waved at England and Russia and came and sat down next to England and asked "how is he doing is he awake"?. The nurse looked at the three of them and sighed and said "Mathew hasn't woken up yet but Mathew is showing signs of have brain bleeding which can be life threatening but we are taking him to do more test he will have to stay in the hospital until Friday if he does have brain bleeding he will have surgery tomorrow"(its Wednesday). The three country's just nodded then the nurse walked away and started to talk to a doctor. When the nurse returned she said "one of you may visit him but visitors will have to leave in thirty minutes". Russia felt a sudden weight on his lap and saw that England had placed Kuma on his lap and said "you take him with you Mathew would probably wanted you to look after him. England gave Russia a small smile and helped a crying France out of the hospital. Russia looked down at Kuma and held him agents his chest as he followed the nurse to Mathews room. As Russia stood outside Mathew's hospital room thoughts swam through his head, he was nervous to see Mathew. Russia blamed himself for what happened to Mathew and when he walks in it will finally be reality not just some nightmare that Mathew got serially injured for him.

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