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(third person)
The Nordics where sitting together in a restaurant just talking but then the subject of the meeting came up. (im not doing accents). When the subject of Canada came up they all went silent. Denmark the one who is normally happy and loud says something barley a whisper that sends pain through all the Nordics “Canada looks a lot like Vinland but older”. All the Nordics all silently agreed with that, then Sweden said “does he even remember us”? Finland spoke up next almost in tears “what if he does remember us, and thinks we abandoned him, what if we had something to do with Canada horrible self esteem". At this point Finland was full on crying, Sweden tried to comfort him but it didn’t really work. The Nordics agreed that they would talk to Canada, and hopefully clear things up.

(with Canada and Russia, still third person)

The meeting they had skipped ended about and hour ago and now they where just wondering around, mostly they where just talking. Russia was saddened by the fact that the meetings where over because that means he would go back home.... alone. Canada noticed Russia stopped talking and ask him “what’s wrong Russia are you okay”. Russia looked at his fellow country and mumbled into his scarf. Canada laughed and said “I don’t speak mumble, Russia”. Russia sighed and said clearly “I don’t want to go back to my country yet”.  Canada was surprised by this and asked “why not”. Russia thought for a moment and replied “because my house is big but I am still alone and I like spending time with comrade Canada”. Canada was surprised by that answer and could tell that Russia didn’t like being alone, but Canada was confused didn’t Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia live with Russia. Thinking about it a little more he realised they where afraid of Russia, a lot of the nations were afraid of him. Canada turned to Russia and just hugged him.

(Russia pov)
I was worried as I looked at Canada, did I say something wrong because he went quite all of the sudden. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything about being alone. I stare at Canada while he seems to be in deep thought when suddenly he hugs me. I was surprised by this and took a moment to hug back. This felt nice, I was happy to be with Canada. 

(third person)
Canada looked up at Russia  and said “your not alone you have me and even if we aren’t in the same country we can still call and text”. Russia was very happy when Canada told him this. There was nice silence until Canada realised he was still hugging Russia and got very red in the face. He quickly let go and Russia laughed, Canada hit Russia lightly in the arm and said “that’s not funny”. Russia still laughing replied “yes it is comrade”. Russia stopped laughing when he saw a group of nations approaching. Canada started to fidget nervously as he realised who it was, it was the Nordics. Russia noticed that Canada suddenly became uncomfortable and asked “Matvey what’s wrong”. Before Canada could answer Denmark spoke up but it wasn’t his normal cheery voice it sounded sad but serious “hey Canada we (the Nordics)  where wondering if we could talk to you alone”. Russia was confused, he didn’t think Canada had anything with the Nordics country wise or as people. Canada didn’t know what to do, he hadn’t talked to the Nordics, but he did notice that Finland’s eyes where slightly red and puffy, “it looks as if he had been crying” Canada thought. Canada didn’t want to just leave Russia that would seem rude but he and Russia weren’t doing anything that would make it so he couldn’t go with them. Russia noticed that Canada hadn’t answered, Russia also new that Canada could us more friends then just him, even though Russia wanted to stay with Canada this seems to be serious. Russia spoke up “Canada why don’t you go with them and text me when your done”. Canada looked at Russia and said “okay” and they switched numbers. As Russia waved goodbye Canada turned back to the Nordics. Finland spoke up and said "Vinland"?

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