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(Canada’s pov)
I was trying to stop the bleeding and the banging on the door wasn’t helping. I finally wrapped up the cut and opened the door and to my surprise it was Hong Kong and china. It was silent, they noticed my arm wrapped up and then Hong Kong asked “did you?”. I tell him that it was an accident and asked “what are you to doing here”.

(third pov)
Hong Kong replied “well I heard of what happened at the dinner party and I wanted to know if you where okay and China saw me leaving and asked what I was doing and I told him I was coming to see you and he tagged along”. After hearing that Canada wondered how many other nations saw him run out the building. China made a side comment about how “he didn’t tag along and that he came to check on Canada”.  Canada was happy to hear that people cared about him and said “I’m fine thank you for coming to check on me”. Canada scooted last the two countries to go clean the kitchen. The other two didn’t know what to do so the just followed him. When they all got to the kitchen Canada started to clean up and put the stuff away until he relished that the other two nations where just awkwardly standing there. “ I’m sorry how rude of me, would you two want anything to eat or drink” Canada said a little flustered. China stepped up and pulled up Canada’s (poorly) wrapped arm, Canada flinched slightly “Canada are you sure your okay and can I do this up properly for you aru” China said with concern, China may have not liked western countries but he always found Canada to be kind. Canada blushes in embarrassment of his poor wrapping job and said “but you are my guest and I assure you I am fine it was just an accident”. Canada didn’t want to cause trouble or bother others but his arm did hurt because he was rushing so he could open the door and see who was there. While Canada was lost in thought Hong Kong handed China a med kit and China slowly and carefully took off the bandages. Canada’s thought had wondered somewhere bad and he was thinking that he bothered people and was a burden and that’s why they left him, Canada started silently crying. Hong Kong noticed immediately because when he lived with england he often saw Canada cry because he was forgotten. Hong Kong carefully hugged Canada and told him that it was alright and that he was there for him just as Canada had done for him when they were under England rule. China was old but he wasn’t dumb and could tell that Canada wasn’t crying from his arm but from his emotional wall that put everyone else first was crumbling. China finished cleaning and wrapping Canada’s arm and help him over to the couch where China and Hong Kong sat down with Canada in the middle of them. It took awhile but Canada did calm down. The trio talked for a while and then Canada asked about where they were staying and that’s when the two realized they hadn’t thought about that. Canada offered them to stay at his house and they agreed once they where all settled in Canada went off to bed but he couldn’t sleep he was thinking about what would happen tomorrow.

(im very sorry for the short chapter and that there was no chapter last week, I have been in a hockey tournament each weekend since the beginning of feb)

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