the past

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(third person)
Canada’s eyes widened, Canada thought that they didn’t remember that, he thought they had forgotten. The Nordics noticed Canada’s reaction right away, the same thought went through all the Nordics “he remembers”. Finland reached out to Canada but Canada took a step back, this surprised the Nordics. Canada didn’t know how to react to this, he was angry that they new all this time and didn’t say a word, but he was also filled with sadness knowing that if he just asked, he would have known sooner. The Nordics didn’t know what to do they weren’t expecting that reaction, but then again they didn’t know how Canada was going to react. “Canada” Finland started “please lets talk about this”. Canada just started crying and said “talk about what, the fact that you Abandoned me, I-I waited on that shoreline everyday, waiting for you to come back like you promised, but you didn’t, I even thought of you guys as family, you where the first people who I met who where like me, you took me in then left me as if I was nothing”. The Nordics remembered that promise they made him, they promised Canada they would come back for him, but they didn’t, they couldn’t, they also remembered how he called them big brother. Kuma started to growl at the Nordics, sensing they where making Canada upset. (kuma was on the ground walking with Canada and Russia) Sweden who normally didn’t show any emotion was almost in tears hearing that Canada had waited for them, Sweden walked towards Canada completely ignoring kuma who scratched at his legs and hugged Canada. Canada didn’t know what to do now so just excepted the hug and cried. “Canada please you have to let us explain” Sweden said. Canada just nodded, Sweden stopped hugging Canada and held him by the shoulders and with a small smile said “thank you”.

(still third person) 
It was a silent walk to Canada’s hotel room. When they got there, the Nordic sat on the couch (really big couch) and Canada sat in a chair with kuma on his lap. No one really new how to start the conversation. Canada asked quietly “why didn’t you come back”. 
*flash back to the day before they had to leave*
The Nordics where having breakfast on there ship with Vinland. They all new they had to leave the next day but they didn’t know how to tell Vinland, they all cared for Vinland and didn’t want to leave him but there king wouldn’t let them take him back with them. The Nordics where going to make the best of the last day they had with Vinland. They went fishing and walked through the woods together, but the Nordics made sure to keep Vinland away from where other men where taking there camps down. Once they came back to the shoreline with all the stuff they got they took a small boat to get back to the main ship. Night was starting to fall on them so they asked Vinland if he would like to sleep on the ship, they normally would take him back to shore to stay with the natives.  Vinland agreed, exited to spend more time with his big brothers. The Nordics decided they would take blankets to the captains cabin, and sleep there together. The Nordic where moving the blankets into the captains cabin, Vinland was on the deck looking at the water. The Nordics called Vinland up to the cabin and they got settled around a lantern. The Nordics shared stories until little Vinland fell asleep. When morning came the Nordics had breakfast with Vinland but one of there men came to tell them they where going to set sail in a few minutes. Vinland looked at the Nordics confused, Sweden picked up Vinland and (they are speaking old Norse) said “we will explain on the shoreline”. They got into a boat and went to the shoreline, when they arrived Vinland waited for an answer, Denmark kneeled down to meet vineland’s level and said (still old Norse) “we have to leave Vinland, we have to go home”. Vinland looked frantically between the Nordics confused and upset tears started to stream down his face he ran at Denmark and wrapped his little arms around his neck while saying (still old Norse) “you cant leave, you just cant”. Denmark hugged Vinland back, tears streaming down his face and said “we will come back we promise”. The other Nordics joined the hug agreeing with Denmark. They let Vinland go and got back into there boat and went back to the ship with heavy hearts as they saw Vinland standing on the shoreline crying until one of the natives came and got him.

(back to real time)

The Nordics looked at Canada and started to tell him what happened when they got home.
Story: (in first person, not sure which Nordic but one of them) we got off the boat and our king greeted us like he always does when we come back from exploring. When we got to his home we asked him when we would be able to go back, but he said that there wouldn’t be anymore exploring. We told him about you and how we wanted to go back and get you but he wouldn’t allow us.

(third person)
“oh” is all Canada said. The Nordics looked between each other then Finland spoke up and asked “did you really go back that shoreline everyday”. Canada nodded and said I went there from dusk till dawn, or until of my people came and got me, they even made me a small shelter so I would be safe while waiting”.  The Nordics felt even more guilty for leaving him. Canada let out a sigh and said “ when France came a thought it was you guys so the minute people hit the shoreline I ran up looking for you guys but it wasn’t you guys and when France figured out I represented the land he told me he was my big brother and I new you guys weren’t coming back, but surprisingly until France took me to his home, I still waited”. The Nordics where shocked that even after another country found him he still waited. The Nordics where curios to what his life  was like so they asked. Canada responded with “France wasn’t as fun he didn’t like to go hunting we just stayed on the ship most of the time, he would tell me about his beliefs and his home, but after a few years England came and I was given to him, then he didn’t want me either so he gave me my independence, and then everyone forgot about me”. The Nordics where shocked to hear this, Iceland spoke up and asked “what do you mean everyone forgot about you, there has to be some people who remember you”. Canada looked very sad but before he could say anything kuma jumped on his lap and demanded food, Canada didn’t realise that it was getting late. Canada got up and picked kuma up and said “well America remembers me when he needs something but that’s about it otherwise I’m just stuck in America’s shadow” Canada took a breath and continued “it’s getting late and me and kuma are going to have dinner’ would you like to stay or”? The Nordics looked between each other and Finland “ I think we should go, thank you for having us Canada, um do you know where any hospitals are so we can get Sweden’s leg properly checked”.  Canada had forgotten about Sweden’s leg and gave them direction to the hospital. As Canada waved goodbye to the Nordics he felt sad, Canada shut the door and leaned agents it and slid down and stayed there until kuma kuma came over and gave Canada a few licks on the face to try cheer him up

(outside of Canada’s room (first person))
I was in my room when I heard a lot of noise from the other side of the hallway, I looked threw the peephole in the door and noticed the Nordics coming out of Canada’s room, why where they there.

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