stay with me?

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(third person)

Russia pushed open the door and saw his new friend asleep and hooked up to different machines. Russia walked over to the bed and pulled up a chair. He gently set kuma down on the bed. The bear proceeded to climb onto Canada’s chest and fell asleep. Russia didn’t know what to do, was he supposed to talk to him, the doctor said it wasn’t likely that he wake up. Russia gently moved some hair out of Canada’s face “you look so peaceful matvey, I hope you don’t mind if i call you that its the Russian version of your name” Russia paused and looked around the room it was quite the only sound were the machines beeping and telling him that Canada was alive. Russia looked down at kuma who was peacefully sleeping on Canada’s chest, England gave kuma to him so he would have to look after him because the hospital wasn’t going to let him stay here. Russia set his hand on the bed next to Canada’s hand but he didn’t place his hand on Canada’s hand though, he wasn’t sure if he should. I guess its only fair if I tell you my name since I know yours I’m Ivan hopefully when you get better I can take you to a festival or maybe a restaurant as a thank because you didn’t need to step in, you didn’t need to get hurt” Russia said and then he felt something wet roll down his cheek, it was a tear he was crying this surprised him. Russia wiped the tear off his face and the nurse came in to tell him it was time to go. What surprised both of them is when Canada opened his eyes slightly and place his hand on top of Russia “Ivan” Canada said he sounded out of breath and tired then his eyes closed again. The nurse smiled and said “that’s a good sine, that means it might be a minor brain bleed or that his brain is healing itself”. *of course its healing he’s a country of course*Russia thought. Russia moved his hand and picked up kuma and gave Canada one last glance and left for his hotel room.

*next day*

Russia skipped the meeting and went straight to the hospital with kuma. When he got there the nurse told him that Mathew got worse last night because he must of had a nightmare because he thrashed around so he had surgery last night he should be able to leave around supper but he will have to be with someone, can he stay with you”? Russia just nodded and went up to Mathews room and saw he was asleep. Russia stayed there, but he fell asleep in the chair because he was exhausted kuma had kept him up all night. Russia woke up to some shaking him it was a very weak shake he could barely feel it. When he opened his eyes it was Canada. “good morning Russia how are you” Canada asked Russia. Russia just stared at him for a moment the and said “I’m good matvey but how are you, your the one who just got out of surgery”. Canada looked at Russia confused for a second and said “I’m good and what surgery and how do you know my human name, I don’t remember telling you it”?  Russia explained to him what had happened and how he new his name. “ooh okay that makes sense but can I know your name”? Canada asked. Russia smiled a bit as he remembered what Mathew did the other day “my name is Ivan and your going to get to lave at supper but they said you would have to stay with someone”. Canada nodded and stated pet kuma while he thought. Canada looked up at Russia and asked quietly “can I stay with you Ivan”. Russia barely caught what Canada said but he was surprised that he wanted to stay with him “of course you can stay with me matvey, but are you sure”? Canada just nodded and smiled, Canada gently placed his hand on top of Russia. Russia looked down at his hand and Canada said “sorry” and started to move his hand but Russia gently grabbed Canada’s hand and rubbed his thumb across the back of Canada’s hand. Canada blushed slightly and smiled at Russia. They talked until it was time to leave nurse gave Canada one last check and gave the okay for him to leave. When they arrived at the hotel they decided they would stay in Russia’s room. Russia insisted that he would sleep on the couch and eventually Canada agreed. They decided to watch some tv before they went to sleep but, Canada had fallen asleep on the couch with Russia. Russia gently picked Canada up and placed him on the bed. When Russia tried to walk away he felt Canada grab his wrist and a very sleepy voice that Russia couldn’t help but find adorable whispered “stay with me please don’t leave”. Russia looked down at the Canadian who was fighting to stay away and sighed but got under the covers with Canada. Russia felt warmth at his side and it was Canada cuddled up to him. Russia wrapped his arm around Canada and his other arm was being used as a pillow by Canada. They fell asleep together both of there thought filled with happiness. kuma slept at the end of the bed and everything seemed at peace for the three of them nothing could ruin this moment for them.

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