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(third person, with Canada)
Canada was the first person to wake up so he went to make breakfast, Canada didn’t really know what the two nations would like so he made pancakes. Canada was humming while making pancakes as a sleepy Hong Kong walked into the kitchen and sat at the breakfast counter.  Hong Kong smiled as this scene of Mathew in the kitchen reminded him of when they where closer and younger, when they where under England’s rule. “good morning Hong Kong, hope you don’t mind pancakes for breakfast” Canada said as he noticed the half awake nation. Hong Kong just nodded and took the plate of pancakes from Canada, Hong Kong gave Canada a confused look then pointed to the pancakes “here is the maple syrup, and if you want more when your done just ask” Canada said putting it on the counter. Canada started going up to the guest room when Hong Kong asked “where are you going, are you not going to eat breakfast”? Canada let out a little laugh and said “of course I’m going to eat breakfast but I’m going to see if china wants some”. Hong Kong nodded and continued to eat as Canada went to get china. When Canada returned to the kitchen he saw America, Canada was confused to why his brother was here but before he could even ask America anything he was hug tackled. America my be loud but he does notice things and he noticed the bandages wrapped on Canada’s arm (Canada has a t-shirt on) and the minute America noticed that he said “Canada I know your upset about Russia but its going to be okay, I’m sorry for forgetting and overlooking you but im going to change that im never going to overlook you again so there’s no reason to do this” America was know holding Canada’s arm and had his face inches away from Canada’s face. Canada was confused for a moment until he realised that America thought he had cut himself on purpose Canada explained the hole situation to America. America let out a breath of relief after hearing what actually happened and said “well im still serious about not forgetting you so since we haven’t hung out a lot why dint you come down to my place for a week or to we could have a nice tropical get away and somewhere, where there aren’t a lot of people so you don’t get overwhelmed and I know you told me this (America motioned to Canada’s arm) was and accident but im still a little worried”. Canada took a few second to process what Americas had said and agreed to a vacation with him Canada said “well you came just in time for breakfast do you want some, where having pancakes”. America of course wanted pancakes so Canada made some more by the end of breakfast everyone had eaten a good, big breakfast. After breakfast they all left to go around the town with Canada showing them some of his favourite spots. When they got back to the house Canada started to pack for his trip with his brother. America helped Canada with the packing and they got all the stuff loaded into the car. “are you sure you wanna let them stay in your house”? America asked.  Canada nodded said “ I trust Hong Kong and china likes kuma, that’s why im leaving kuma with him, im glad you reminded me that kuma doesn’t like warm places or we would have had a cranky polar bear cub with us”.  “and I cant have that damn bear with us he will ruin everything” America thought to himself. The drive was long and Canada fell asleep (which was a mistake) America had noticed this and was very happy about this. Once they arrived America carried Canada into the house and got everything ready for the spell. America kept double checking the spell book that he stole from England, America wanted to make sure that the spell went right he didn’t want to hurt his brother. America re- read the spell one more time to make sure he had it right

(this is the spell/ spell book page that America is reading)
Spell: attachment
This spell will make whoever the spell is cast on want to be around you, it wont make them fall in over with you only make them want to be with you whenever they can, the person who this spell is cast on will choose the spell caster over anyone else no matter how close they are to that person. Since they are around you so much the side-effect could be that they fall in love with you. Make sure to be with the person that the spell is cast on for at least a week or two the less people around the person is better so they become more attached to the spell caster.
Things you need
-a magic circle page 3
-person must be asleep
-spell caster must be first person the person see’s
Spell words: elca nomics nomic elica -repeat 7 times- ( Idk lol)

(back to America)
After America casted the spell he got rid of the magic circle and candles and waited for Canada to wake up.

(at the house with china and Hong Kong 3 days later)
China was sitting on the couch with kuma and Hong Kong was walking around the house there was a knock at the door and Hong Kong ran over to get it and to his surprise it was Russia, England and France. Hong Kong was a little nervous around Russia since he did not seem happy but china walked over an wasted really effected by Russia’s bad mood. “is Canada here its kind of an emergency” England ask while the trio let themselves in. “Canada went on a trip with America, why is this kind of an emergency aru”? china asked while walking to the living room after closing he door. Once they where all sat down England started to explain “America played a fake recording of a conversation between him and Russia ands the recording make it sound like Russia was only using Canada and know that America is alone with Canada is a little concerning”.  China and Hong Kong nodded and Hong Kong asked “why is it concerning if Canada is with America”? they all stared at England for an explanation “well the last time America came over I caught him looking through a really old spall book and when he left the book seemed to have disappeared I was hoping I had just misplaced it but im not sure anymore there where some pretty bad spells in that book that’s why I had tried to hide it, I don’t even know how America found it in the first place” England explained. The nations where surprised by this, they all agreed to try and find out where America and Canada went. Russia was walking around Canada’s house thinking about what happened at the airport


Russia had just landed in Canada and went to get his luggage when he saw France and England, Russia was still mad about what they had said to him so he ignored them. England and France took a deep breath and walked over to Russia and England said “we apologize for what we said to you the information we had was false but you should know that America played a fake recording of a conversation between you and him and he played it to Canada”. Russia took a moment to process this and then asked (demanded) for the recording and England played him the recording and after hearing that Russia had a few words about it but after he calmed down they all decided to go to Canada’s together.


Russia had wondered into Canada’s room and wasn’t surprised to what he found, there was hockey stuff all over the place and there was red and white all over the place as well. Russia walked over to Canada’s bed and sat down and pulled out his laptop to help with the search for Canada.

(2 days later)

The country’s had finally figured out where Canada and America are. So England, France and Russia went and china and Hong Kong went back to there homes. They started to drive to the location of America and Canada.

(with America a few hours later)

America was enjoying watching this movie with his brother and he was very happy that the spell has worked since whenever America left Canada in a room or left Canada for the night then returned into the room or in the morning Canada would run to him and hug him. America was not happy about the knock he heard at the door but he got up and left Canada. When he opened the door he was surprised to see England, France and Russia. The trio let themselves in and Russia yelled for Canada, Canada who heard his name went over to see who it was and he saw Russia and he wanted to cry since Canada believed the recording  and America noticed this and started walking towards Canada until Russia grabbed his arm. “let go you commie” America said while trying to get his arm free, Russia was starting to get mad and wasn’t going to let go until he was suddenly shoved to the ground. Russia looked up to see who had shoved him and he saw Canada standing above him crying, Canada latched himself onto America and started yelling at the three nation “I hate all of you, your ruining my time with my brother I want all of you to leave I don’t want to see any of you again I don’t want to be hurt by any of you again, the only person who was there for me was my brother”. The trio was shocked to hear this and Russia was heart broken and England (who is a master wizard and can tell if someone is under a spell) tried to get Canada to realise he was under a spell but England was interrupted by the tariffing news that America just said “if any of you try to come near Canada again I will start a war with you and stop all trades to your country” and Canada added “ill do that to”. The trio new that even if they where powerful nation they wouldn’t be able to take on America by themselves so they where forced to leave and after that day Canada never came to a world meeting and America rarely came to them, no matter what England tried to reverse the spell nothing worked and Canada aka Mathew Willems was lost to his brother, America.

(so this is the “bad ending” where America wins but there will be a good ending, I was torn between the two, I hope you liked this chapter I might get the next one up soon but im not sure, also i made this chapter longer to make up for the last one)

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