a little fall

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(third person) (with Canada and Russia)

Canada and Russia just finished breakfast, the room was filled with awkward tension because neither of the country’s new what to say. Canada picked up there dishes and pit them in the sink. Russia could see Canada but Canada’s back was to him. Kuma walked up to Russia and pulled lightly on his pant leg to get his attention. “you should talk to him or leave I don’t like the awkwardness” kuma said as he stared at Russia. Russia, a little shocked at what the bear had said, got up and walked over to Canada. “why don’t we forget that ever happened” Canada said with a little blush his cheeks, Russia just nodded.  “good, well we have about 4 hours until 3:00 (dinner party)” Canada said turning to face Russia. Suddenly Russia’s phone went off he looked down to see who was calling, it was his president “sorry Canada I have to take this but I will be back”. Russia left the hotel room, Canada wasn’t upset that Russia left so suddenly because Canada understood that when a country’s boss calls them the country themselves has to be alone in case its secret information regarding there country. Canada didn’t know how long the call was going to take him so he started packing up since after the party he was going home. As Canada was packing he came across his skates, he brought them everywhere incises there was an opportunity to skate or if he needed to relive stress by skating. Canada picked up his skates and got an idea, he was going to go skating, so he packed up and found the nearest arena. When he walked in there was nobody there except for someone who was cleaning up. “excuse me sir, is there any way I could rent the ice for maybe half and hour” Canada said to the man he was nervous because he realised how rude that probably sounded. The man who was cleaning walked over to Canada and said “unfortunately I can only rent out the ice for an hour, and an hour cost 17 ponds and 19 pence”. Canada thought for a moment it was around 11:30 and it took him 30 minutes to drive here so he new that he would have enough time to get bake and get ready for the dinner party. So Canada got out his wallet and gave the man the money and said “ice the ice ready to go on or do you need to use the Zamboni first”. The guy said “it’s good and all yours until 12:30, and I need your first and last name”. “my names Mathew Williams, thanks” Canada said while running over to the bench to tie is skates. After about 30 minutes of just skating around and practicing skating drills Canada got a little bored and skated over and asked “can I play music”. The man nodded and Canada played some music, now Canada is wearing hockey skates but he was thinking of what France had told him many tears ago.

(flash back about 40 years ago)

“Canada are you alright” France asked as Canada came out of the dressing room, he just had a hockey game against Russia and won, but got into 2 fights. Canada nodded and started talking about the game and France listened until he was done then France said “Canada I have booked the ice for tomorrow and was hoping you would come skate with me before I have to go back home”. Of course Canada nodded, excited to spend time with someone. The next day Canada met up with France to go skating, “now Canada, I know you love hockey and you are very good but I was hoping you would try something I little safer, like figure skating” France said. Canada didn’t want to disappoint France so he agreed and they spent the hole afternoon learning how to figure skate.

(end flashback)

So that’s what Canada did he figure skated in hockey skates because he never could get the hang of figure skates. After 20ish minutes he was getting used to doing the jumps and spins. But what Canada didn’t notice was the two Italians watching him.
(a few minutes beforehand outside the arena)
“Hey fratello isn’t that Canada’s truck” Italy said pointing to the red dodge ram (idk). Romano nodded “that’s maple bastards truck wanna go inside and see what has doing” Italy nodded . they went into the arena and sat down on the bench

(back to regular time)
After a few minutes Canada did a quad Lutz + triple toe combination . the Italians jumped up and cheered but that made Canada lose focus in a middle of a jump and he fell and hit the ice hard. The two Italians got onto the ice to help Canada up. “are you alright” Italy asked, Canada just nodded and got up. The Italians helped Canada over to the bench, the guy who owned the rink brought over a med kit. Italy worked on Canada’s ankle while Romano worked on the cut on Canada’s leg, that he got from his skate blade. After Canada was done getting patched up he thanked the Italians and they talked for a while. By the time they where done talking it was around 1:30, the Italians helped Canada to his truck, since Canada had a pretty bad limp “do you need anymore help Canada?” Italy asked. “no I don’t but thank you very much, are you two coming to the dinner party?” Canada said. The two Italians nodded and Romano said “ I’m a assuming your going” Canada nodded, hopped in his truck and said “ see you there I got to go back to hotel room thanks again for the help”.

(why Russia wasn’t there)

Russia spent a long amount of time listening to his boss tell him ha had to come home after this dinner party and was given some paper work along with a few names of nations that his boss wanted him to talk to. His boss was slightly impressed that he had made friend with Canada.


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