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America. America looked down and said (yelled) “hey little dude, what are you doing out here by yourself”. Kuma gave America Canada’s license “missing” Kuma said. “what do you mean missing, he was at the meeting earlier an-OW what the hell dude why did you bite me” America exclaimed in slight pain. ‘he was not at the meeting today and he left the hotel 4 hours ago and I don’t know were he went” Kuma told America. “oh well ill help you find him because IM THE HERO” America shouted. Kuma and America left the hotel and walked around looking for Canada. They had been walking for quit some time when America spotted Canada. “hey look there he is but who is he with? Asked America.

(3 hours earlier)
(Canada’s P.O.V)

“stupid meeting, I cant believe no one noticed I wasn’t there I thought may be France or maybe even America would notice that I wasn’t there *huff* I cant believe I’m talking to myself. I noticed a park might as well I thought. I found a nice bench I might as well sit down because I cant go back to the hotel like this I might make kumij-kumerj what’s his name worried.

(??? P.O.V)

Today was odd I usually enjoy sitting in the meeting room and watching everyone fight. Something was missing, it just felt off. I was walking around trying to figure out what was missing at the meeting. While I was walking I came across a park and I noticed someone who looked familiar. It was Canada he was the one who played hockey with me. Canada?

( narrators P.O.V) 

Canada’s head snapped up at the mentioned of his name.  “ye-yes I’m Canada” Canada stuttered out. “comrade Canada what are you doing out here this late by yourself” Russia asked. “I’m just enjoying a nice walk, what are you doing out here” Canada replied. “same as you” Russia replied a small smile on his face. For some reason Canada wasn’t scared he saw Russia as more of a friend then someone to be scared of. The two talked and talked and time flew by. “your team only won by a goal” Canada exclaimed. Russia countered “yes but a goal is still a goal and my te- Russia what on earth are you doing with my brother?!?!

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