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(sorry for the late update I hurt my hand in a hockey game and its wrapped up which makes it hard to type.)

(third person with France)
France was talking with England when russia walked out of a side room very angrily and went right to the exit. “what do you think made him so mad” England asked  France just shrugged and pointed towards America who was talking to Canada. “look America and Canada are leaving the room” France said. England watched as Canada and America walked away “ isn’t that the room Russia left?” England asked, France nodded and looked a little worried “I hope this doesn’t turn out bad, but America isn’t dumb enough to make up a lie with no prof, right?” France asked. “well America said something about apologizing, so maybe he wanted to apologize to Canada without any one else around, and I don’t think America would want to hurt his brother he might have been being overprotective before” England said. England and France talked for a while until  there was a loud bang. All the countries looked up and saw Canada running out of a room with tears streaming down his face. France and England where going to follow Canada but they could tell that it was pointless to try and get him so they both went to America to find out what happened. “America what the bloody hell did you do?” England yelled, America raised his hands in defence and lying through his teeth said “all I did  was play a recording of what Russia said about him because he deserves to know the truth about that commie”. France spoke up and asked “what recording?” America brought out his phone “ the screens broken because commie tried to break it” America said as he pressed play on the recording .  France and England listened and where shocked to what they heard “ see I told you, he cant be trusted” America said.

(with Canada third person still)

Canada was sitting in the airport waiting for his flight, he was texting Russia but he wasn’t answering. Canada didn’t want to believe that Russia was just using him but the fact that he wasn’t answering made Canada believe that Russia new that America would have told him, his plans to use him. Canada heard his flight go over the announcements and as he was walking to bored his flight he saw Russia and he froze, Canada could feel the tears coming back. Russia heard over the announcement that the flight to Canada was boarding and looked around to see if he could spot Canada since he felt bad for not talking to him at the dinner party. Russia spotted Canada, it wasn’t that hard since he had a polar bear cub with him. Russia and Canada made eye contact and Russia started to walk over to Canada but Canada, who believed what America had told him grabbed his suitcase and picked up kuma and walked over to bored his flight. Russia stood there in the middle of the air port shocked, Russia didn’t know how to react many thought where running through his head (thinking) “he and Canada are friends so why did he seem to hate him, did he do something” Russia had no clue why Canada practically ran away from him. Russia went over  and sat in one of the plastic chairs as he was trying to figure out why Canada was avoiding him because Russia new that Canada saw him.

(with Canada on the airplane)

Canada was sitting on the airplane waiting for it to take off, “are you okay” kuma asked as he climbed onto Canada’s lap. Canada smiled and petted kuma “ I don’t know, I thought I had made a friend who wouldn’t forget me”. Kuma just nuzzled into Canada and didn’t say anything as kuma fell asleep.  Canada was still upset at what he had found out today but having kuma with him and being in the air helped him calm down. Canada fell asleep and didn’t wake up until the airplane landed. Canada carried  kuma out to the truck that he had sent home, kuma and Canada drove home and when he got home he plopped on the couch. “hungry” kuma said and Canada realized that he had to go to the store. On his way out his phone started to ring it was France, Canada didn’t really feel like talking to anyone at the moment.

(with France)

“he’s not answering” France said as he continued to call Canada, England rolled his eyes at France’s over reaction. “the lads probably fine, just a little shocked, if you are that worried we can go see him” England said, trying to calm France down.  France looked up at England and then yelled “that’s a great idea lets go” and France grabbed England and dragged him to the air port while England was yelling “we don’t have any tickets” and “we don’t even know if there is a plane to Canada” England was really just complaining because he doesn’t like being dragged around. Once they got to the air port France went up to the front desk and tried to get them on the fastest flight to Canada.

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