canada's break down

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(Canada’s P.O.V)

I was standing outside of the meeting room, I was deciding weather or not I would go in. I’m never noticed so why should i go in, would it matter if I went in, I shake my head trying to get rid of these thoughts..  “kumijir what do you think?” I ask the little cub that is in my arms. “I think we should go get food “ kuma answers. Me and kuma spend the whole day walking around London, when we get back to our hotel room I check my phone because I had left it by accident.

(Narrators P.O.V) 

Canada’s knees hit the ground as he started to cry, his tears of sadness turned to ones of anger. “not one message *hic* not a single phone call, I knew it why did I expect anything else” Canada said, he wasn’t really talking to anyone. The little white polar bear cub walked up to Canada, kumijour had known Canada forever and new how much being forgotten and over shadowed by his brother hurt him. Kuma pated Canada’s leg “are you okay” Kuma asked Canada but he already new the answer. Canada suddenly stood up “I’m going out for a walk I don’t know when I will be back” Canada told Kuma. It has been about 4 hours now and Canada had not returned yet and it was getting quit late. Kuma decided he would go looking for Canada but it was 8:00 at night and he didn’t know were to start. With a lot of struggle kuma got out of the room. He was walking down the hall and turned the corner and ran into…

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