the party and the plan

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(extra long chapter, enjoy)

(third person, with Canada)

Canada pulled up to the hotel and hopped out of his truck, which was a mistake the minute Canada’s twisted ankle hit the ground he fell. France who was walking into the hotel but noticed Canada’s red truck and walked over to say hi and he witnessed Canada fall. France went from walking over to Canada to running to help Canada up. Canada who wasn’t expecting to fall was confused when he was laying/sitting on the ground and Canada became even more confused when France was now in front of him asking him if he was okay and a million other questions. France helped Canada up and helped Canada up to his hotel room. France sat on Canada’s bed as Canada looked for his suit for the dinner party. France who was wondering why Canada was limping (you limp with a sprained ankle) asked “ Canada what have you been doing today, anything special?” Canada who needed a shower and had found his suit looked at France and answered “well I hung out with Russia this morning and then I went to the arena to skate for a bit and the two Italians where there and then I ran into you and now I’m going to have a shower”. France who still didn’t know why Canada was limping and was assuming things went straight to the point “then why are you limping”. Canada who realised what France was thinking said “I fell when doing a jump while skating” and then went to the bathroom to shower. France thought about that answer for a moment until a little polar bear came up to him asking for food. Canada shower took around 20 minutes since he had to be careful of his ankle and cut when he got out he got his suit on but was having a lot of trouble with his tie. He walked out of the bathroom to see France putting a bowtie on kuma and Canada walked over and mumbled something that France didn’t understand until he noticed Canada playing with his messy tie. France just smiled happy to see that after all these years Canada still felt they he could come to him if he needed help. France did up Canada’s and said “you have grown up so much, but yet you still more willed then proper”. Canada laughed and said “well my country is 74 percent wiled life” France and Canada had a little laugh over this. “ I think we should get going its 2:30 now so if we leave now we can make it to the dinner party 5 minutes before” Canada said while grabbing his suitcase, France just nodded and followed Canada out to the parking lot with kuma trailing behind. Canada and France parted ways since there cars where not close to each other. Canada threw his suitcase into the back of his truck and climbed into the drivers side while kuma got in the passenger’s side. Once they arrived it was 2:57, a little later then he thought but he went in, kuma came in to but Canada new he only wanted food. Canada was nervous since his brother was going to talk to him, Canada was thinking if the party started at 3:00 and ended at 5:00 then somewhere in those two hours his brother would talk to him. Canada was at the doors and took a deep breath and walked in. There was already so many people there even though it just turned 3:00. Canada watched as kuma made a beeline for the fish at the buffet, Canada followed his bear and told him “not to eat to much since there flight was right after the party” kuma just nodded. Canada had some snacks since he had not eaten since breakfast. As he was munching on what looked like a timbit the two Italians came up to him. “how is your ankle” Feli (yes I’m writing it as Feli, I’m to lazy to do anything else) asked, Canada said “ it is fine thank you so much for your help”. “ well its kind of our fault you fell” Romano mumbled but Canada heard him and smiled and patted him on the shoulder and shook his head, Romano didn’t say anything. They talked about random things for a few minutes and more country’s came into the room. Suddenly over the speaker America said “ thank you all for coming tonight this is just a nice cool down from the meeting and a place to hang out, you can eat and drink all you want but there is no alcohol here, enjoy your time”. The trio continued to talk for a little more until Spain called the Italians over. Canada leaned on the table and looked out onto the sea of country’s until he noticed Austria pointing in his direction while talking to Germany. Germany sighed and then looked at Canada. Canada who realised that he was staring quickly looked away. “um Canada” Canada looked up and saw it was Germany who looked a little nervous. (my friend pointed out that it sounds like Germany has a crush on Canada he doesn’t and Germany was the mystery person) “yes Germany” Canada said curios to why Germany was talking to him. “um well I have noticed that our country’s are not on the friendliest of terms since the um wars” Germany started, Canada nodded showing that he was listening and Germany continued “ and I heard that you where a good sniper so would you want to come to the shooting range, sometimes me and Switzerland go and it would be nice to have someone else and your name came up a few times”. Canada thought about this for a moment shooting with Switzerland and Germany sounds fun and he hasn’t gone to a shooting range in a while, Canada said “ sure sound fun, do you want to swap numbers so we can text instead of email”. Germany nodded and they swapped numbers Canada spoke up “and your right our country’s haven’t been on the best of terms and it would be best if we did fix that”. Germany smiled and continued to talk with Canada for a while until the Nordics walked up to them and Germany went back to Austria. The Nordics and Canada stood awkwardly, no one knowing how to start the conversation. Finland broke the awkward silence “hello Canada, um... I know that we talked about a lot and that now things have changed but we where wondering if you wanted to start over, try to be friends”. Canada was a little shocked at this but he did want to be friends with them since he did miss them a lot when he was little. Canada nodded and before he could say anything he was hugged by Denmark who ranted on about how they could now teach Canada the ways of Vikings. After a while the Nordics had to excuse themselves because they had to find sealand because he had wondered off. Canada looked at his watch and noticed that it was 4:20 it was getting late and the party was almost over. Canada looked around and noticed Russia so he started walking over but he noticed that Russia looked very mad and was currently leaving.  “CANADA” someone shouted when Canada turned around he saw America who looked worn out and worried. “we have to *huff* talk right now, your in danger” America said very out of breath. Canada nodded and followed his brother into a privet room. “ I’m so sorry Canada, I wish this wasent true, you where so happy and I was just coming to believe that commie was actually being nice” America said almost in tears. Canada was very confused but watched as America got out his phone, his phone looked like someone had stepped on it “ he tried to break it once he realised I recorded what he said” America said as he pressed play on a voice recording. Canada who was curios but worried listen closely as he heard the conversation that America recorded (recording begins) “ America what do you want” a Russian voice said, “I wanted to talk to you about Canada since you seem to make him happy” America said, “well of course I want to make him happy, if Canada is happy then my plan works better” the Russian said “ what plan, what are you going to do to my brother” America said obviously getting angry, “well since Canada is weak and I can use and manipulate him to do whatever I want” the Russian voice said, “ I wont let you, commie stay away from my brother” America said (the recording ended). Canada was shocked and almost in tears “ that was Russia’ he mumbled America nodded and set his hand on his brothers shoulder “I’m so sorry Canada a knew he would do this”. Canada shook his head and took off running, he ran through the dinner party and almost everyone noticed the upset state the Canadian  was in, kuma took after Canada. Canada got into his truck (kuma is in the truck) and took off towards the airport it was 4:45 so he wouldn’t be that early. Little did Canada know the American he left standing alone was smiling knowing his plan had worked.

(before Canada heard the recording, third person, with Russia and America)

“what do you want America” Russia asked “ I wanted to talk to you about Canada since you seem to make him happy” America said. “ well I hope I make Canada happy we are friends after all” Russia said. “so you don’t have a plan to manipulate my brother to do whatever you want because he is weak” America asked. Russia was annoyed at this question “ well for one Canada is not weak and since I don’t have a plan to manipulate him into doing whatever I want you can back off me and Canada are friends and Canada is happy and you should be happy for him”. “ it doesn’t matter if you wont tell me your plan I wont let you hurt my brother, you commie stay away from my brother” America said then tackled Russia. Russia shoved America off him “ I wont fight you because that would upset Canada since he still likes you since your his brother so goodbye America” Russia said before walking off more angry then before, he just wanted to go home now. America smiled holding Russia’s phone in his hand, if Canada texted Russia and Russia didn't respond then Canada would think that Russia forgot him so he crushed Russia’s phone and took out his phone to send that voice recording along with a list of things he wanted re-arranged. America stood up can then stepped on his own phone, not enough to completely break it, since he still needed it to work but it was  a better story with it broken. In a few minutes he got a notification telling him that the recording had been rearranged, America listened to the recording and liked what he was hearing so he went to find Canada, so he could put his plan into action.

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