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(third person)
America rudely yelled across the park interrupting Canada and Russia’s conversation. America stormed up to were Canada and Russia were sitting and grabbed Canada’s are roughly and pulled him up so he was standing next to him. America yanked on Canada’s arm so the where face to face and said with hatred “what are you doing here with the commie”. America felt someone shove him to the ground when he looked up Russia had pulled Canada behind him and was glaring at America. Russia looked down at the American and said “me and Canada were talking about the latest hockey games before you rudely interrupted us”. America shot up like a bullet and got right in Russia’s face and said with venom lacing his words “you commie stay away from my brother”. Russia was about to say something back when Canada spoke up “you guys are talking as if I’m not even here and America since when did you care what I do I mean you barely notice me so why should it matter to you” at this point tears were running down Canada’s face. Canada took off running and ignored the two people shouting his name behind him. Canada ran all the way back to the his hotel room.

(next day in the morning)

Canada was an absolute mess his hair was all over the place his eyes were puffy. He got out of bed and took a shower and got cleaned up. When he was all done he looked at the time 10:40 the meeting started at 11:00. Canada heard a nock at his door. When he opened the door it was Russia and he had a cut on the side of his face and it was bruising and kind of swollen “what happened”? Canada asked with worry. “America and me got into a little bit of a fist fight” Russia replayed. “well let me help you, you didn’t even bandage this or clean it, it could get infected” Canada said while letting Russia in. Canada walked to the bathroom to grab the med kit and said over his shoulder to Russia “ can you please sit down either on the bed or on a chair please”. Russia was standing right in front of the bed so he just sat down and Canada emerged from the bathroom with a med kit. Canada stood in front of Russia with the med kit and since Russia was sitting down Canada was about a head taller then him. “I’m going to have to clean it first so it might sting then I’m going to put some cream on it along with a band aid” Canada explained to Russia. Russia nodded and so Canada started to clean the cut but he had to be close to Russia face to see what he was doing. While Canada was doing that Russia stared at his face and notice a few things.*Russia thinking to himself* his eyes are more purple then blue and he has such a softer looking face then America how do people mistake him for America. Russia’s thoughts were interrupted by Canada moving away from him and a part of Russia wished he wouldn’t have moved away. “all done now it cant get infected” Canada said while smiling.  Russia got up to go look in the bathroom mirror the cut now had one of those white band aids on it but it didn’t look that bad. Russia turned to Canada and thanked him. “its nothing Russia that’s what friends are for and I’m sorry for what my brother did I’m happy that you weren’t seriously  injured” Canada said while putting away the med kit. Russia thought for a moment *me and Canada are friends? I like that I’m happy we are friends*. “so why did you stop by this morning Russia”? Canada asked. “oh da that’s right I was wondering if you wanted to walk to the meeting together” Russia replayed. “oh my god the meeting I completely forgot were going be late and of cores ill walk with you to the meeting we could do that every morning if you would like, I think it would be fun” Canada answered sounding a little worried. Russia nodded and off to the meeting they went they talked along the way and when they entered the meeting room Canada was laughing at a joke Russia made about hockey. All the country’s turned to look at were the laughter was coming from and was surprised to see someone laughing with Russia the only country who wasn’t looking at them was America who was glaring at the floor with a black eye. “thank you fro joining us today Russia and..........Canada” Germany said with a little hesitation because he was having trouble with Canada’s name. Russia started to glare at Germany but felt a light hand on his arm and he looked down to see Canada looking at him with saddened eyes and Canada shook his head no and to everyone’s surprise Russia stopped glaring. Russia and Canada sat down and they were lucky enough to get seats next each other. The meeting went on but this time Canada wasn’t over looked because Russia made sure that Canada wasn’t forgotten at that meeting and told himself that he would try to do this at every meeting because he saw how happy it made his new friend. Canada was to happy to notice that one country was glaring at bath him and Russia it was America and if looks could kill they would be dead. America didn’t say anything that meeting and that was out of character for him and some of the country’s were worried. The country’s sitting next to him were England and France. They both tried to talk to America to find out what’s wrong and what happened to his eye but America just cursed at them at told them to mind there own business. When the meeting ended America got up right away and started to storm up to Canada and Russia.

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