getting to canada

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(third person with Russia)

Russia was sitting in the waiting area, he kept glancing at the clock his was late. Russia’s attention was turned from the clock to the French men at the counter talking to the lady behind the desk. Russia recognised that it was France. Russia thought that maybe France new why Canada was avoiding him. So Russia walked over to where France was and noticed England was there to “comrades do you now why Canada is avoiding me”? Russia asked. At that moment France spun around to face Russia and said “why wouldn’t he avoid you now that he knows the truth, I cant believe you I was starting to think you had given up your old ways but its seems that I was wrong”. Russia was surprised by what France had said. “what do you mean by old ways I have not done anything to Canada” Russia said. France and England gave each other a confused look before England spoke up “you where just using Canada, America has proof that is undeniable”. Russia who was shocked to hear this asked “what proof, I haven’t done any physical harm to Canada and I haven’t even talked to Canada about country stuff”. At this point Russia was upset but he wasn’t angry he was feeling sad and lost Russia didn’t understand why his new friend was avoiding him or why he was being accused of trying to use him. England and France where getting more confused by the second, to them it looked like Russia was going to cry that’s what confused them.  “you cant deny the voice recording America has of you telling him that you where using him” France said but he didn’t sound very confident with that sentence. Russia was even more confused at this and said “but when I talked to America I was telling him how I wasn’t using him and I wouldn’t use Canada, he is my friend”, with that Russia wasn’t going to stand there and be accused of something he didn’t do so he turned and left towards his flight. England and France stood there in confusion, then England sent a message to America asking if he  could have a copy of the recording. America who didn’t think anything of this request sent him a copy.  “what are you doing”? France asked as he peeked over England shoulder. “I have sneaking suspicion that this recording has been tampered with” England said as he was sending it to someone else to have it checked out.

Russia was sitting on a plane looking out the window wondering bout this recording that America had of him. Russia new that he never said anything about how he was going to use Canada. Russia thought about trying to text or call Canada, but when he searched his whole jacket and his suitcase he couldn’t find it. Russia had to think about when he had his phone last. That’s when Russia realized that it either fell out when America tackled him or America took it.  He would have to get a new one when he got home and try to contact Canada, Russia wanted to know what this recording and he wanted his friend back. When Russia thought about the last week (ish) with Canada and he was happy and he already missed Canada, the longer he thought about Canada no longer being his friend because of a lie was making him more upset. Russia realized that a phone call wasn’t going to be enough he was going to go home then go to Canada,,, after he sorted out everything out with his boss.

(third person with America)

America was sitting in his hotel room, he wasn’t doing much since his flight didn’t leave until tomorrow. As America was sitting around he was regretting breaking  Russia’s phone it would have ben funny to see if Canada texted Russia at all or he could have texted Canada pretending to be Russia. America already new what he was going to do when he got home, America was going to set up another trap for Canada. America new with all the emotional stuff that Canada was going through, that if he invited Canada to a relaxing vacation in one of his homes Canada would probably say yes. America had a place that was in a pretty remote place so they wouldn’t be bothered by normal people . America couldn’t decide if he would ask if Canada wanted to spend a week or two weeks with him.  America decided that he would invite him for one week and when Canada stayed with him, America would ask if he would stay longer.

(with Canada first person)

I was strolling through Walmart looking for some food, I was thinking of making some poutine and then I saw the beer. I’m going to have a hockey game self party, I’m going to make poutine, pancakes and have some beers and watch all the hockey he recorded while he was gone. Kuma was looking at me funny and I think he new what I was going to do. I spent over 80 dollars on this, but it will be worth it I always have fun doing this (btw doing something like this is really fun).  Once I got home I put everything in the fridge and got working on the poutine and because I’m not lazy and I like to make stuff I’m going to cut the potato’s myself and making the sauce from scratch. I may or may not have accidentally sliced a good porcine of my hand and arm because Kuma snuck up on me, so now I have to fix that and clean up the mess. As I was walking to the bathroom heard a nock and just yelled “come in” because I couldn’t answer the door at the moment. I heard a gasp come from downstairs and I realized there was blood all over the kitchen I also heard the sound of people running up my stairs.

(who could it be)

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