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♡Black mailed friendship♡ (Countryhumans Fanfic - RusCan) by LilPotato31
♡Black mailed friendship♡ ( 𝕊𝕙𝕣𝕠𝕠𝕞𝕚𝕖~
¡Disclaimer! This is a RusCan book, yes, ships and stuff but I also may say that this story contains: •Mental and physical abuse •Sensetive topics •Sexual references/Mat...
When The World Fell (RusCan) by Lady-Pernicious
When The World Fell (RusCan)by Lady Pernicious
Yeah, this is my first time ever writing a fanfic and I'm kinda freaking out here. The world is in ruins, but how will all the countries shape up, and try to help each o...
Peppermint Nightmares by anothereroldaccount
Peppermint Nightmaresby Aph_frogtea/mooscow
The countries are invited to the USA's sleepover to improve relations with one another. One night, while playing a game, General Winter puts Russia in a trance, making R...
To Fix The Broken ~ a countryhumans fanfic by hi_boiz
To Fix The Broken ~ a maple
War is threatening to arise after two countries are killed. But, with a certain romance struggling to blossom, will the war stop, and can everyone forgive, or is the wei...
Shock Wave [RusCan] by PyroMillie13
Shock Wave [RusCan]by PyroMillie13
Canada is traumatized by a haunting experience he had been put through, but since nobody notices him, he doesn't receive any help until someone special gives him a gift...
Maple Syrup and Vodka by AngelDRK
Maple Syrup and Vodkaby AngelDRK
Getting to the world meeting early, and not being able to check into his hotel, Matthew goes and finds himself drinking away in the storage room. Passing out, he is soon...
Broken Hearts a RusCan Story by DeaUchiha
Broken Hearts a RusCan Storyby DeaUchiha
When Russia drops a certian, Beating, object at the end of a meeting one day, hes lucky one shy Canadian picked it up. Now Matthew being Matthew decides to bring it hom...
Bang (RusCan) by Azurphra
Bang (RusCan)by Azurphra
Canada gets some quite unfortunate news, but how he reacts to it will affect the future.
Прощай моя любовь by mikasa42
Прощай моя любовьby mikasa42
(A Ruscan fanfiction) The bitter cold was never made to be suffered alone...
Please, I'm not my brother! (Ruscan. Hetalia.) by Smoke_In_My_Lungs
Please, I'm not my brother! ( Smoke_In_My-Lungs
Mistaken attempted murder in the snow. ------------- Summary: A mistake leads to Canada being held captive in Russia's house. ------------ mur·der /ˈmərdər/ Learn to p...
Hetalia Who Will Win? by _Youtube_lover
Hetalia Who Will Win?by _Youtube_lover
Canada is not well known, but he is known for being loved by both America and Russia. Canada loves both, but cannot decide.
Hetalia rarepair oneshots - REQUESTS OPEN by nameless_entity
Hetalia rarepair oneshots - nameless entity
I just want to practice writing and I enjoy rare pairs. Send in requests. Do I need to say I don't own hetalia? I do not own hetalia. I try to update every Saturday. Emp...
Sweet as Maple Syrup (Remake with Author's permission)[On hold] by _FandomLover332_
Sweet as Maple Syrup (Remake FandomLover .
"Your mine now" "No" Matthew dare to say. Ivan just laughed "You say that and yet you fell right into my trap" his eyes glowing to a crimso...
Into The World War: Drowning In War By Hatred. by K1TZDR3AM
Into The World War: Drowning In ✿_Kit_✿
When the Third World war starts from one of Canada's children getting bombed by North Korea. Will Canada solve this problem of debt, war, blood, love, and hatred? Cover...
Random One Shots by TheAmericanCanadian
Random One Shotsby Sushi
Literally just me doing a bunch of one shots. a lot are Countryhumans but there's also gonna be some OC work in here for no reason. I probably won't expend on any of the...
Revenge to Relationships [ A Ruscan Fan Fiction ] by https_catgrl
Revenge to Relationships [ A Chibi <3
Matthew gets tired of Ivan continuously sitting on him at world meetings. He finally thinks of a plan to get revenge. He goes along with his plan, but is it revenge? Or...
I love you a lottle (Ruscan) by Hetalian_Country
I love you a lottle (Ruscan)by Hetalian_Country
Matthew is a freshman at the world academy where students from around the world gather in the same school. His first day of school goes from bad to worse as he must deal...
Maple Vodka. Canada X Russia by ClockworkTarantula
Maple Vodka. Canada X Russiaby ClockSpider
Canada was never seen and even when he was noticed... never remembered... But one sad and snowy day changed all of that.
He Helped When No One Else Would (RusCan) by Aki_Wonder
He Helped When No One Else Would ( a l e x
Canada is having some troubles and Russia helps, this leads to an unlikely friendship - or maybe something more?
Love me or else... by fluffyduffee
Love me or fluffyduffee
Matthew has lived on the family farm in the same home for 15 years of his life with his annoying brother Alfred and his constantly angry single father Arthur. One day a...