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(third person(with Canada))

Canada and Russia where sitting on the couch watching a movie. Canada was dozing off until his phone made a little *ding*. Canada got up and stretched, his phone was in the kitchen. When Canada got to the kitchen he grabbed his phone and saw that America had emailed him, half of Canada didn’t want to read it while the other half was curious and happy that his brother was trying to talk to him. Canada was so focused on this inner battle over the email he didn’t hear the movie being paused or Russia calling his name. Canada who was just staring at his phone that wasn’t even on was slightly worrying Russia. Russia placed his hand on Canada’s shoulder and asked “is everything alright Canada”. Canada jumped a little since he didn’t hear Russia enter the kitchen. Canada turned to Russia “didn’t hear you come into to the kitchen, but I’m okay its just my brother emailed me and with everything that has happened with the Nordics and he didn’t come see me in the hospital or even tried to see if I was okay”. Russia thought for a moment and then said “why don’t you read the email and if there is something that upsets you, you just stop reading it and I’m hear if you need anything” the last bit sounded a little awkward but it made Canada happy that Russia was there for him. Russia wasn’t going to invade Canada’s privacy by reading the email over his shoulder even though he was curios. Russia didn’t know how long the email was, so he started walking back to the couch until he heard a gasp, Russia turned around only to be met with a hug/tackle. Russia stumbled back a bit not expecting the hug (tackle) but he wrapped his arms around Canada waste and asked “is everything okay” Russia didn’t know if Canada was sad or happy until Canada spoke up “he wants to apologize to me at a dinner party he’s having, your invited as well”. Russia wasn’t a fan of party’s but the moment he made eye contact with Canada he new what Canada was going to say next “can you please come in the email he specified that you where invited” Canada asked. Russia couldn’t really say no to Canada so he nodded and Russia was happy that he did decide to go because right after he nodded  Canada’s face lit up “great this is going to be so much fun” Canada said. Russia and Canada stayed like this until Russia noticed the time “its getting very late, we should probably go to sleep soon” Russia said wile slowly letting go of Canada. Canada who was also letting go looked at his phone for the time “I guess your right, kuma is already asleep on the chair” Canada said with a laugh as he pointed to the small bear asleep on the chair. Canada sent America a quick email letting him know that he and Russia would be coming.  Russia let out a small laugh before going over to the closet to grab the extra blanket and pillow s he could sleep on the coach, but he stopped when he heard Canada mumble something “Canada can you please repeat that?” Russia asked, turning around to face Canada. Canada fidgeted a little before asking again but this time loud enough that Russia could hear him “I was wondering if you could um maybe sleep with me again, like last time” Canada face was bright red and he was fidgeting even more. Russia got a little blush on his cheeks and nodded, Russia and Canada (awkwardly) got into bed together “goodnight Russia, thank you for staying with me” Canada already dozing off . Russia smiled and replied “ goodnight Canada”. They both fell asleep with the dreams of how tomorrow will go.

(Germanys pov)
I just got out of the shower when I heard my phone go off, I had gotten an email. When I opened the email I was very surprised it was America and he wanted me to send a email to everyone to invite them to  party he was throwing tomorrow. It was a good idea to relax after the meeting so i agreed and I sent out a email to everyone about the party. I specifically put in the email that you didn’t have to show up and that you didn’t have to email back and that there would be no alcohol . I didn’t want to receive a bunch of emails that said that they where going or not. After the email was sent I went to bed until I heard loud nocking on my door. I sighed I new who it was it was my bruder  Prussia I got up and answered the door. Before I could say anything Prussia let himself in and Austria just followed behind mumbling apologies. “so west there is gonna be a dinner party?” Prussia said loudly. “ja there is, it was Americas idea” I said. Prussia laughed and then said something about France and Spain and then left. Austria just sighed and asked “do you know if Canada is coming I would like to ask him how he is doing and I think Hungary has some questions for him as well”. I honestly didn’t know  if Canada was going to be there or not so I just shrugged. Austria rolled his eyes and said “well that’s not helpful and I hope that if he is there you will try to talk to him” Austria gave me a stern look as he said the last part and I knew why. I had been avoiding Canada since the world wars. I just nodded and Austria left I sat  back down onto the bed thinking of what I would even say to Canada, i had done research on him and nothing really seemed to stick out and nothing that I could really bring up in conversation. The only things I knew that might not offend him where hockey and the fact that he’s a great sniper. Maybe I could talk to him about the sniper thing and then I could invite him to go shooting since it would be nice to get to know Canada he seams nice.

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