before the party

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(Russia's pov)

I felt something pat my face, I ignored it but then it happened again and again. I opened my eyes to the little polar bear. "hungry" was all the bear said to me, I tried to sit up but there was weight on my chest, it was Canada. (how did Russia not notice Canada laying on his chest?) the little bear kept saying "hungry" over and over it was starting to get annoying, I felt movement on my chest and I saw that Canada was waking up "good morning Russia". I could feel my face heat up as the thought of how cute he looked kept running through my mind.

(third person)

Canada rubbed his eyes and pushed himself off Russia's chest, Russia just kind of laid there looking at Canada. "he's so cute" Russia thought with a slight blush on his face, Canada reached over and grabbed his glasses "kuma sush I'm going to go make breakfast now" Canada said to the bear who was still asking for food. Canada got up and picked up kuma and asked "how do pancakes sound, Russia"? Russia replied "sounds great" as Canada went to the kitchen to make pancakes Russia got up and went to take a shower. while in the shower Russia thought about the dinner party that America was throwing, he was happy about going with Canada. Russia's face got slightly red as he realized him and Canada were going together, so many thoughts ran through Russia's mind, where they going as friends or more, technically Canada had asked him to go, are people going to think that they were together, he didn't even know what he thought of Canada, did he think of him as a friend or more Russia lost in train of thought didn't notice the fallen bottle on the floor and he stepped on it and fell. Canada hearing a loud crash coming from the bathroom carefully (but quickly) set the frying pan down and ran over to the bathroom door. Canada knocked on the door and said " Russia are you okay, are you hurt, do you need help" Canada was very worried for his new friend thinking that he might have gotten hurt. Russia, who was completely embarrassed got up and wrapped a towel around his waist and slightly opened the door and said to Canada "I'm fine-Russia was interrupted by Canada" no your not, your bleeding". Russia was surprised to hear that until he reached up to touch his head, his hand had red on it. before Russia could do anything Canada already had the first aid kit. Russia's face got even more red when Canada started to clean up the cut, Canada noticed Russia's red face and asked "Russia is something wrong". Russia really didn't know how to answer that since the reason he was embarrassed was because as Canada was dealing with the cut the door opened so he was just standing there in a towel. Russia just mumbled "I have to finish getting dressed" and then Russia shut the door. Canada took a moment to process Russian words then his face got red as he finally realized that Russia was in a towel when he had helped him. Canada went back to making breakfast and then when Russia came out of the (closet) shower it was kind of awkward between the two countries as they ate.

(still third person)(with the Nordics)

the Nordics where sitting around eating breakfast on the topic of the dinner party, "so Denmark started "are we going to go"? the Nordic thought for a moment and Finland answers "we should go and try to talk to Canada" the rest of the Nordics nodded in agreement. " I wonder how many people will show up" mumbled Sweden. "yeah your right, since its America throwing the party, people might not show up" said Finland. "well hopefully Canada will show up I really want to try to reconnect with him" said Norway. this surprised the rest of the Nordic "why" Sweden asked, Norway just shrugged " I think Canada has magic in him a sense something when we were with him". the Nordics just nodded in agreement not really believing in it but they didn't really want to argue. Denmark cut in " to bad there will be no alcohol, it would be so much more interesting". the rest of the Nordics rolled there eyes at Denmark's comment and continued eating.

( America's pov)

today is the day of the party, I'm so excited I just hope my plan will work and if it does than that commie won't be able to come near my brother. I remembered back when it was just me and him even before any country came to find us, I was so happy. that's the way things should be just me and him no other countries and if everything goes right then it will just be that. if my plan does succeed then Russia would hurt Canada and then Canada would come running to me and then he wouldn't want to leave my side when he realized that I'm the only one who can protect him. any who I should probably stop pacing around my room and actually go check up on the place where the party is supposed to be at. This party will be the best way to get Canada back on my side and my plan will definitely work because I'm the hero

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