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(third person)

After Canada finished his little breakdown he got up and went to the kitchen to started on dinner. Once Canada fed Kuma he sat down to eat and remembered that he had Russia's number so he texted him.

C: hey Russia its me Canada

R: hello Canada are you okay?

C: I'm alright little shaken up

R: do you need anything?

C: actually could you maybe stay the night again I don't want to be alone

R: sure comrade I will be over in a few

(Russia's pov)

I'm very worried for little Matvey, what could the Nordics said to him. If the Nordics hurt little matvey they will have to deal with Mr. Pipe. I got a change of clothes and went to Matvey's room and nocked on his door. I heard some shuffling behind the door and then Matvey's head poked out and he said "hi Russia thank you for coming here it means a lot to me, come in ". "of course we are friends" I say, I can tell he had been crying, his eyes are slightly puffy. Matvey had his back to me, I walked up behind him and hugged him. He seems surprised but he turns around and hugs me back. I'm so happy Matvey is my friend, he's been so nice to me and he's not afraid. Matvey seemed to relax into my hug and looked up at me, he's so cute.

(??? Pov)

I heard more nocking across the hall. I get up to look through the peephole again, its Russia what on earth is he doing at Canada's door. I don't know what to think of Russia, I shouldn't believe in rumours, or what America says. I remember Canada from the world wars, he was very strong especially for someone so young. I don't forget him, I could never forget him after the wars. I'm actually a little afraid of him, how could someone so strong on the battle field fade into the background. I may have never forgotten Canada but one moment I am looking at him and then the next moment he is gone. I guess that is what made him so good in the wars. I have also heard that Canada is a very good sniper, I guess being able to blend in helps. Canada was so willed on the battle field, but he is so calm in meetings, maybe I should do some more research on him.

(third person (back to Russia and Canada))

Canada blushed a little as he looked up at Russia "I'm so happy you came, after what the Nordics said I didn't want to be alone" Canada said. Russia just nodded and held Canada a little closer " Its alright Matvey I'm here, i wont leave you" Russia said softly, barely above a whisper.

(america's pov)

I cant believe I'm loosing my brother to that commie. I need to think of a plan, I pace around my room trying to think. There are no more meetings so I cant really do anything I would need everyone together again. I have an idea but I will need England's help, but I cant let England get suspicious. I don't have England's number but I do have France's number so i will just text him to see if he has England number.

A: hey France do you have Iggy's number.

F: oui I do why?

A: need it so I can text him duh

F: but what do you need to text him, England isn't very happy about how you have been acting towards Canada and Russia and at the meeting

A: I know dude but that's what I wanted to talk to him about

F: fine I will give you his number just don't blow up his phone (***)***-****

A: awesome dude thanks

(England's pov)

I just finished making myself a cup of tea when my phone went off. When I looked at my phone it was a number a didn't recognise until I read the message. The message said "hey Iggy dude I need to talk to you its an emergency" I rolled my eyes what could this git want, with the way he has been acting I should just ignore him. My phone went off again "please Iggy I want to make up for the way I have been acting" I couldn't ignore that

E: how are you going to do that?

A: I'm thinking of throwing a dinner party, no alcohol tho

E: that's actually a good idea and where are you going to have this party?

A: well that's what I needed your help for I can get the food but I have nowhere to throw the party

E: I can probably get you a place just let me know the time your having the party.

A: awesome thanks England ill get that to you later but now i have to figure out how to get everyone to come

E: why don't you email Germany and ask him to email the details of the party to the other country's.

A: that's a great idea ill get on that right away cause i want to have the party tomorrow before all the country's leave.

E: okay I cant probably rent out the johnlock restaurant (some of you might get the reference) for tomorrow 6-8

A: perfect ill pay for the food so can we have a buffet of different types of food

E: yes there can be a buffet

A: great, thanks iggy talk to you later.

E: your welcome goodbye

(still England's pov)

I wonder how the dinner party will go, I hope it goes well. I think i might do some embroidery, or invite France over for a movie.

(americas pov)

Perfect everything is going to plan I just have to make sure Canada and Russia come to the dinner party. Ill email Canada myself to make him know that this is to apologize to him

(this is the email)

To Canada

Hey bro I know I haven't been the best brother so im throwing a dinner party i hope you will come, everyone is invited including Russia. At the party I want to personally apologize to you for how i have been acting towards you and for hitting you in the face

The hero America

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