who is the bad guy

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(Germanys pov)

I looked at my calendar, it was Friday the last day of the meeting. These meetings are pointless we get nothing done but I wonder if Canada and Russia will be coming today or is Canada even going to want to come considering what happened last time. I had to ask the front desk what room Russia was in because I wasn't sure if Canada was out of the hospital. As I was walking up to Russia's room Hungary ran up to me. "were are you going Germany"? she asked me and I explained what I was doing. Hungary decided she would tag along even though it wasn't necessary. When we got to Russia's room I nocked but there was no answer, Hungary took out a card and opened the door. I looked at her, confused how did she get a card to there room. All she said was "don't ask", she pushed the door open and I heard her gasped. Hungary pulled out her camera and started taking pictures. When I leaned in to see what she was taking pictures of I saw Canada and Russia laying together. I saw a flash of light and looked at Hungary who was staring at the two country's, "I didn't mean to do that she" said. We heard movement and we saw that Russia was awake and not looking very happy. Hungary slammed the door shut and ran of. I walked (ran) back to my room hoping that Russia wasn't to mad.

(third person) back in the room

Russia stared at the door and realised what had happened. He was mad that Hungary had taken pictures of him and that she entered his room without his permission. Russia started to get up until he felt arms wrap around his stomach. He looked down to see a sleepy Canada holding onto him "to early, stay" Canada said in a very sleepy voice. Russia blushed slightly and pulled the covers back over him and Canada. Russia heard Canada mumble a small "yay" and snuggled back into Russia's chest. Russia couldn't help but stare at the Canadian that was snuggled at his side.

*time skip*

By the time Russia woke up again they where 30 minutes late to the last meeting for the month. (they have a meeting one week of each month) Russia gently shook Canada and said "Canada we are late for the meeting". Canada slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes and asked "how *yawn* late are we". Russia got up from the bed and went to make coffee and said "about 30 minutes do you want to go or are we going to skip?" Canada got up and took the coffee Russia was offering him and asked "the meeting today was only 2 hours right?" Russia just nodded and drank his coffee. The room fell into silence, but it wasn't awkward it was nice.

*at the meeting still third person*

It was 30 minutes into the meeting and the two largest country's hadn't showed up so the other country's assumed they weren't coming. Hungary was sitting next to Japan and took out her phone to show Japan the photo she took of Canada and Russia. What they didn't realise is that America was right behind them talking to England. Japan asked Hungary "when did you take this picture of them" and Hungary just replied "this morning they where sleeping in Russia's room". This caught the attention of America who turned to look at the two nations talking and saw the photo over Hungary's shoulder. Americas eyes widened and he shook England's shoulder and pointed out the photo to him. England just gave a small smile and started to walk over to France to tell him about the photo. America stopped England and said "how are you okay with this, Russia obviously forced Canada to sleep with him". England just looked at America and sighed "Canada can take care of himself and he seems okay and why are you worried you sent him to the hospital and didn't even come see him". The noise of England and America caught the attention of the other countries. I would never hit my brother on purpose that damn commie pulled Canada in front of him so he could protect himself and I didn't come to the hospital because I couldn't bare to see my brother in such a bad shape" America yelled. All the countries heard that and they started to whisper to each other about Russia and if he did pull Canada in front of him. "NON" France yelled and silenced all the whispers France walked up to America and said "me and Angleterre went to hospital and Russia was there and if you would have seen how he looked sitting there waiting there to hear how Canada was doing then you would know he would never pull Canada in front of him". All the countries turned to England to see what he had to say since France said he was at the hospital "France is right Russia wouldn't pull Canada in front of him" England concluded. All the countries started to whisper and send glances at America. America was so angry he thought they where all turning on him. England placed a hand on Americas shoulder and said "we know you didn't mean to hit Canada but you cant blame it on Russia" all America did was shrug England's hand off his shoulder and walked away whispered, hatred laced his voice "Canada is going to get hurt from this and when he does ill be there for him unlike you". England was shocked and just looked at his feet as America left the room. France cam over and placed a hand on England's shoulder and said "we will be there for him we wont make the same mistake". England just gave France a small smile and nodded. The countries that where still there had the rest of the meeting but the same thought went through there minds "is Canada going to be okay

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