Chapter 4???- not sure haha mm We find out!

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Jessie's POV

'Holy mother of oysters!' i thought, Dad was staring at me so hard i thought my head would of combusted but no i could still feel it's weight attatched to my neck. "Jessie!" he roared, i could hear dead silence all through the house even outside was silent, "WHAT THE HOLY F@#$ing HELL were YOU THINKING!!!!!!!" 'i think he just popped a blood vessel!' i thought staring at the protruding vein sticking from his forehead. "Nothing dad" i said quietly and calmly, "i was drunk, we were both drunk" he inhaled a huge calming breath "There's nothing we can do there?" i said knowing full well that he could always just kill me....and them....or give us a banishment, his shoulders slumped.

I sat down on the seat and hung my head in shame, fear...not for myself but for my family 'Wohw wohw slow did i just call Taylor my family?' i thought/asked myself i considered it for a minute 'well thats what she is now' i looked up at my dad, he was facing away from me, i saw his hand grab something sharp and shiny off his desk my eyes widened in dis belief 'He wouln't kill me!' i shreiked mentally 'right!?!' my father turned back slowly looking down, "i really thought i wouldn't be doing this" he said quietly looking down at the knife in his hands.

He stepped closser and closser. I swear i saw my life flash before my eyes he was right in front of me, i shut my eyes tightly and waited for the pain, for the knife to strike and force it's way through my flesh. I could imagine my muscle and skin slicing open and oozing a warm crimson colour onto the floor. An aching pain running through my body, the pain and terror i would feel. Poor Taylor, even if they let her live they might kill the child or take it away form her. They could Leave her alone for ever and never speak of this again. And she'd be left to raise a child. My chest tightened my breathing quickened, my heart ached just thinking about MY MATE going through all of it. I mean we hadn't even finished highschool yet and i'm practically on death roe.

"SON!" came my fathers vice. Slowly i opened my eyes, the pain had never come. "Are you okay?" he asked. I looked him directly in the eye "Do i look alright to you!" i said totally loosing my calm and flipping out. "I went to Vegas, Got Drunk and Married a Chick from School...we're not even in the same crowd! I totally un cnociously brought her into our world AND got her PREGNANT!!! i mean i'm in highschool i shouldn't have to worry about this, it's not right i mean we totally ruined our lives and...and...and..." i couldn't even put my thoughts into scentences.

My dad sat down next to me putting his arm behind my shoulders, "Jessie, calm down, i'm not gonna harm you, her or the baby...alright...and i'll make sure no one else can either" i visibly relaxed. Just then we heard Taylor shout from the other room "WHAT!" we got up quickly, "we have to tell her everything" said dad. I just nodded. I mean i had no idea how she would react to this kind of news.

Taylors POV

"You can't just say that and expect me to just forget what you said!" i shouted after her. The other people in the room were wide eyed as they watched everything take place. The boys from my school hesitantly inched closer towards me. I sighed and turned my head watching Jessie's mum working in the kitchen. I turned my head to the right and let out a small squeek. I hadn't noticed the boys sneak all the way up to the couch, one of them, Raff i think they call him, was siting down about three centimetres from my face peering at me. His red hair hung limply over his face. His light green eyes stared into mine for a minute before he looked away and slumped his shoulders.

I heard a door open from the hall and close. Jessie and his dad walked into the room both seemed more relaxed. They gazed over at me in synchronisation. "Alright everyone who doesn't live here out!" called Jessie's elder bro. "NOW!" he boomed. Everyone ran out of the house. Jessie came and sat next to me. His mum had come into the room and given me a whole pack of biscuits and a cup of orange juice, which i had randomly gotten a craving for.

"Okay Taylor" said Jessie glancing at his dad, "We're going to explain some things to you but you cant run and you cant freak and you cant scream okay?" he said i nodded my head, the curiosity was corsing through my veins. "But why would i freak?" i asked

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THREE HOURS LATER-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"YOU CAN SO NOT CHANGE INTO A GIANT WOLF!!!!!!!" i yelled for the thousandth time. I just couldn't understand why they thought they could. "If she doesn't get it in the next 5 minutes then im going to bed" said Michael Jessie's 15 yr old younger bro. "WE SO CAN!" Jessie argued back. Just then a giant brown wolf walked in from the kitchen. "See!" said Jessie's dad. "that doesn't prove anything it could just be some random wolf!!" Just then the air around the wolf seemed to sizzle there was a pop noise and standing in the wolf's place was one of Jessie's friends, he wasn't wearing any clothes. "AHHHHHHHH! what the hell!" i shouted as i covered my eyes and turned my head in horror.

"great now im gonna be blind!" i complained. Jessie was laughing so hard he fell off the couch, i peeled back my hands and stared at him till he stopped and sat back down as if he didn't just do that. "Now that you know we're wolves" deep breath "you should know that now you're his mate and you'll be having a pup or pups" said his elder sis smiling widely "that explains a lot" i said before tha blackness clouded my vision.

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