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A/N i know, i know it's not exactly "tomorrow" now is it....although when you think about it, it is tomorrow, well it's today, but it's yesterday's tomorrow, it's just not the tomorrow from one month ago yesterday, although tomorrow, today will be yesterday. I hope everyone's had a good tomorrow!!! :D Anyway, i have successfully gotten a laptop from my school, the government here in Australia is paying for them!!!!! i'm social Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......not that i was very social to begin with O.o    I'd like to thank u all for votting or commenting or favouriting or LIBRARYING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Shall All Recieve A Cookie!!!!!!!!!

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Taylors P.O.V

Jessie gripped my hand, and my waist...Gosh it felt sooooo goooooood!.....and warm....toasty warm........mmmmmmmmmmmmm toast......

I was freaking out, we were waiting for someone to open the door, i was getting kind of agitated so i knocked answer, we could hear soomeone turning up the T.V, in respense to that, some one turned up there music and it was a noise war from then on.

I rolled my eyes and managed to get down on my knees, "Aarrrhhhh, what are you doing Taylor?" asked my sweet sweet hot hunk of man meat and love Jessie, in answer i pulled back the front mat to reveil a set of keys.

Jessie wraped his arm around my waist supporting my frame as i stood up. I gripped his hand tightly and stuck the key in the lock, turning it and shoved open the door.

Jessie's P.O.V

I couldn't believe my eyes, the house looked kind of trashed, with sport equipment and clothing mixed with dishes all over the place, i turned and looked at Taylor, she just shook her head slowly avoiding my eyes as she blushed.

We heard an ear splitting crash come from one of the rooms, following the noises we stoppped in a doorway.

And there they were, all her brothers and her father, just pushing and shoving and wrestling and the ground. Teaming up on each other, someone was in a head lock, someone was sitting on one of the brothers while another grabbed a cushion and knocked him off, even more shocking was that her father was mixed in the throng of boys. He himself grabbing one and ruffly shoving the hair on his head around. (A/N NOOGIE!! to any one that understands that word :D) Taylor groaned quietly before standing up straight and whistelling loudly, everyone froze where they were, eyes wide, quietly breathing or loudly gulping down air.

Taylors P.O.V

I could not believe the way they were acting, and in front of Jessie too. I lost my cool, straightening up i whistled loudly, the room fell silent and everyone froze, i glance dat Jessie who was looking amused and proud of me.

"I leave you all alone for like a week and a half! and this is what the house comes to!!!! are you all blind! you know how to sweep, you know how to wash dishes but did a single one of you?! NO!!" she huffed stepping in a bit further "Let Liam out of that head lock, Dad get off Simon, Peeta! Stop pushing around your elder brother!" she took a deep breath, "now someone go and get me and Jessie a drink and some timtam's" (A/N timtams are chocolate biscuits, covered in chocolate with chocolate filling...YUM!!) Everyone just stared at me with wide eye, their eyes travelled to my hand in Jessie's, the ring on my finger and finally my belly. I personally think Dad'd reaction was the best...with one look he fell over, i think he fainted.

My eldest brother (i've forgotten their names lol, bare with me ;D) Derek just stared at us before snapping into action " heard the woman get her and him a drink and Timtams.....and i'll help dad up" the silence echoed around as people snapped into action.

Derek helped dad up and sat him in the chair, all of the younger boys moved silently around picking up clotrhes while the elder ones moved around grabbing things and putting everything into some semblance of order.

I sat down on one of the couches, with Jessie next to me, holding me the whole time. I leaned into the couch and rested my head on his shouldrs, i smilled up at him softly and he smiled back. His warm eyes staring into my own and down through my soul and right into that special place in my heart. I was brought of my trance by a cough, i snapped around to face the rest of the room, tightening my hold on Jessie.

Jessie P.O.V

We turned back to face everyone in the room. I mean everyone, all her brothers and her father. She inhaled a breath slowly with her hand resting on her large protruding womb. All eyes were on us, "So..." began her father

"so..." she said laughing nervously, she glanced at her womb and back at her family "Ahh....I'm home" she smilled hopefully "Taylor....please .....we've come to.....THIS....umm..situation?" she nodded meekley.

"Well, umm apparently......uhhh.....well, first off haha this is my husband Jessie" she said smilling brightly, "He's also the father of our babbies" there was a audible sucking of breath, "Husband?" asked Liam meekly "Yeah" i she swallowed the huge lump growing in her throat.

"Well then....this kind off changes the situation" said Matthew, right before Derek and some of the others lunged at me, "Wait! Stop!" screamed Taylor freaking out, "You can't hurt him! you just can't! I won't let you!!" she was going into hysterics and i got a litle worried, 'this can't be good for her or the babbies' i thought just as i fended off someone trying to punch me in the nose.

I pushed them off me, just as i heard Taylor's hysterical sobs, her brothers froze, i moved quicker than i probably should have stopping in front of her, "Taylor?" i asked carefully, "Taylor, baby, honey? hey, shh! it's okay, it's okay" i took her into my arms calming her down litle by litle "Everythings okay, see?" i lifted her chin up making her meet my eyes,"we're all okay"

She nodded carefully, snifelling as she wiped her eyes. "Are you okay?" she asked me i smilled at her "ofcourse i'm okay and your brothers are just in shock, we're all fine, Tay" i said using her nickname. She nodded and smilled,"okay then" she looked around at her brothers splayed out on the ground staring at us, some of them just staring not sure yet what is going on.

Taylor's P.O.V

I was so upset and scared, i just couldn't stop them and now here's Jessie comforting me, while my family doesn't know what to do.

"How long have you been pregnant for?" asked Trent, "Because when you left you didn't look like that!" I looked at Jessie, not sure what i could tell them. "It happened in Vegas, but remember i'm not having just one pu....child"

Jessie P.O.V

It was lucky dad had allowed me to tell her family because they were asking alot of questions and it was obvious it was paining my sweet beautiful mate to not tell the full truth.

"It's okay Taylor we can tell them the truth" she released a breath as i kissed her hand. All eyes turned to me, alot of them glaring, "Well go on then Lover Boy" said her brother sneering Taylor glared at him in response "well, our babies are growing umm faster than the average human child, because of their genes, my genes" there were a few weird looks and some raised eyebrows "what type of genes?" asked her brother clossest in age to her, i took a deep, deep breath knowing fully concious the implications and actions that could take place with my next words..."My Werewolf genes"

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