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Crush Quotes ✔  ( #Wattys2018 ) by cvanessa24
Crush Quotes ✔ ( #Wattys2018 )by depressed potato 🌠
You Love Him / Her .. ❤ But He / She Never Knew .. Its You Who Experience The Pain .. Not Him / Her You Try To Move On .. But You Can't .. Because You Keep Reminisc...
  • one-sided
  • heartbreaking
  • thought
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What If Theories by calumisapizza
What If Theoriesby - ̗̀v y o ̖́-
❝ what if when you get a song stuck in your head it's because your soulmate is singing it somewhere else in the world ❞ - highest rank: #59 in random ...
  • whatiftheories
  • thought
  • true
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[You Got My Soul] by yakawi
[You Got My Soul]by humble queen ✨
Have you ever been in love with someone and prayed they would never find out.
  • clueless
  • romance
  • fanfic
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200 Psychology Facts by Emil-Bronz
200 Psychology Factsby Emil Bronze
Using various sources from the interwebs, I have compiled 200 of the most unusual and bizarre psychological facts, including biochemical side of psychology.
  • thought
  • facts
  • mentalhealth
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Saving Sarah by ookiefami
Saving Sarahby ookiefami
Sarah Wilson is an 18 year old werewolf/ necromancer. Hybrids are very rare in the supernatural world. After being rejected by her mate, the government finds her and she...
  • hybrid
  • romance
  • thoughts
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What He doesn't Know by dandan101
What He doesn't Knowby Danielle
Dana McAllister has given herself over to prostitution as a means of getting out of her desperate situation. When she meets the young multi-millionaire, Richard Hanistan...
  • alone
  • twins
  • truth
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Cuts - Niall Horan by HopefulDreamCarrier
Cuts - Niall Horanby HopefulDreamCarrier
Niall Horan. Teenage heartthrob. International pop sensation. He has insecurities about his body and is confused. Soon, he's thoughts begin to get too strong. He's been...
  • cutting
  • thought
  • ziam
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I thought I was the only one Rocket Love Story *Complete* by KathyTheCatLover
I thought I was the only one KathyTheCatLover
The only thing Kathy has ever known is a lab but now she's free. Kathy is a fox  that was experimented on. She is smart, quiet and a little shy but if...
  • rocket
  • fox
  • raccoon
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Unspoken Words by tallandproud
Unspoken Wordsby Sprouse's
Sometimes, you write down, not speak
  • poetry
  • latenight
  • unhappy
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Here hides my insanity |EDITING by saumyaasaurabh
Here hides my insanity |EDITINGby Saumya Saurabh
i hid it well. but now it is for you to see as i lay bare with just one layer of p o e t r y. Do you dare to peel and look what lies beneath? Consists of poems writte...
  • regalawards2018
  • poetsoul
  • love
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Hugot and Spoken Poetry by miabitter
Hugot and Spoken Poetryby Mia Rhiana Sevilla
Naranasan mo na bang masaktan Nang dahil sa pag-iibigan? Naranasan mo na bang umuwi ng luhaan Dahil iniwan ka ng iyong kasintahan? Kasi kung Oo Di tayo magkapareho Dahil...
  • english
  • random
  • ownpoem
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Thought by Midika
Thoughtby Evoke;
"I can't tell what is real and what is a dream," I murmur, looking up to his silver eyes, glistening mist swirling within his irises. "But I know I can't...
  • thought
  • love
  • magic
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Good Things Come (A Vampire Academy Fanfiction) by anonymouslyalex
Good Things Come (A Vampire Alex
*COMPLETE* Rose is a shy girl, fresh out of an abusive relationship. Rose and her friends all have joined a self defense class and their instructor Stan has just left an...
  • rose
  • waving
  • frostbite
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Unharnessed by OnlyAnEditor21
Unharnessedby The_Editor
There is little we cannot think if we set our minds to it. -April Here I am, finally, after this wait I thought may never end, unharnessed in thought and in heart and in...
  • poetry
  • abuse
  • heart
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Lil pump imagines  by baddestbabyy
Lil pump imagines by baddestbabyy
Ahh bitchhh send in any requests hoesss😛 btw he daddy😋💦
  • fine
  • thought
  • yall
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You Only Live Once by stefanibella19
You Only Live Onceby Stefani Bella
Ada banyak hal yang terjadi di sekitar, ada banyak hal yang seringkali tak sejalan dengan ingin. Tak sepaham bukan berarti tak bisa berteman, tak sependapat bukan berar...
  • love
  • social
  • friendship
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Stripes of reflection  by adaciuraru
Stripes of reflection by Ada
Poetry. Dissected thoughts decorated with flowers. Mainly, the same thing. □■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□ All the photos are taken by me and protected by copyrights.
  • thought
  • thoughts
  • strange
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BOOK 2 : CRUSH QUOTES   ( #Wattys2018 ) by cvanessa24
BOOK 2 : CRUSH QUOTES ( depressed potato 🌠
You Love Him / Her .. ❤ But He / She Never Know .. 😥 Its You Who Experience The Pain .. 💔 Not Him / Her 👉👈 You Try To Move On .. 😐 But You Can't .. 👎 Because You K...
  • forever
  • girl
  • random
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insomnia by rabbit-holes
insomniaby crumpy
❝i don't have insomnia. i can't sleep because im thinking of you.❞ ➶ ➷ another collection of thoughts and poems (and, occasionally some quotes).
  • poems
  • read
  • book
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All For One  by NurBanuRD
All For One by Nur Banu Yüce
|Please Be Know That The Story Has Mature Parts, Violence, And Bad Language. |
  • william
  • nohelp
  • death
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