Chap 2- The Family

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A/N thanx all for reading this, i'm soooo excited i thought that no one would ever read this, i was bouncing in my seat when i saw the first comment and vote. Then my sister had the nerve to laugh at me! although she had all reason to :) Yeah so, enjoy!!!

Jessie POV

'Dead Dead! DEAD DEAD!!!' I thought to myself, I could just imagine dad gripping his teeth around my neck, then blood slowly dripping from his teeth as he stared at my lifeless body, lying broken on the cold forest floor. 'Mum wouldn't allow it!' I thought quickly trying to erase the image I brought apon myself.

The taps in the bathroom turned on, i could hear the water splashing against her skin. "What the hell were we thinking?" I asked the empty room, 'absoltely nothing, you were drunk!' my inner voice answered. Sometimes I just wanted to slit my inner voice's neck, harsh...but effective. I could see myself walking into the house, the whole pack just standing and watching, my head lowered never meeting anyone eyes. They'd see the ring on my left hand, the whispers would never stop, then the rumours would come.

Taylor came out of the bathroom in a white fluffy bathroom, "I'm just letting you know that i'm getting whatever isn't attatched to the floor and taking it back with me" I looked up at her, "Well why not?" she asked obviously thinking that I was judging her, her dark green eyes darting around the place quickly. "I mean they're probably used to stuff going missing anyway" I looked over her, from head to toe. She was trying to come off as strong and calm, she was doing a damn good job at it anyway.

"I don't feel well" she said suddenly, I realised that her skin was slightly paler, but she was glowing! 'yep deffinetly pregnant' I thought. She turned and ran into the bathroom, I got up and followed her quickly, I pulled back her hair as she threw up into the toilet. 'She's gonna freak when she finds out!' I thought. Werewolf pregnancy's take alot less time for the baby to develop than a normal pregnancy which means it takes effects imediately on the mother, in a couple of weeks, thats right less than a month! the baby would be born.

'At least i married her first!' i thought, 'she's gotta appreciate that! right?' i couldn't even think about answering my own question. I already knew the answer. "You alright?" i asked softly, feelings of devotion, care, worry and ownership came through in my sincere voice. "No!" she groaned out, "I got drunk and married, i don't even know my last name! and now i'm sick!" she was upset and angry at both of us.

After 30 minutes of cleaning up the mess we made, cleaning Taylors face and getting brekfast, it happened "we need to talk" she said staring directly at me. I took a deep breath in "sure"

Taylor- "We should get a divorce"

Me- "i don't think that's the best thing to do at the moment"

Taylor- "Why the hell not!?!"

Me- "You really think thats the best solution!"

Taylor- "Ahh...YEAH!"

Me- "well we can't"

Taylor- "Give me one good reason why!"

Me- "because..err..because..i-i..err"

Taylor- "exactly so why not!"

Me- "i can't tell you!"

Taylor- "what kind of answer is that!?!"

Me- "a reasonable one at the moment"

She looked at me like i was crazy, but once she found out she would be grateful that i was sticking around. She shook her head at me, muttering under her breath so low that not even i could hear. "Well what do you think we should do then?" she asked tauntingly. I looked away from her and stared at nothing in particular, "Well?" she asked impatiently "we should tell my parents, go see them and..explain our...situation" i said a plan already froming in my mind. Just then my mobile started ringing, i glanced down at the screen and groaned.

Taylors POV

He was nuts, absolutely terribly wrong, that was a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!! and i really didn't like it. I shook my head "no way" i muttered, "why is he so calm about this?" i took a deep breath, i guess it wouldn't hurt, 'okay, it could but something tells me nothing will harm me, while i'm with him' i thought, 'he will protect me, i feel safe around him' i shocked myself those thoughts couldn't of been my own could they?.

"No!" he shouted loudly into the phone, i cringed at the loud noise, he noticed and quietened his voice. "Why not?....and who's idea is that?...don't you think i know that already?" the last one he seemed to be in despair. My stomach grumbled loudly 'thats odd' i thought, after all i ate heaps more than i thought possible for brekfast.

He hung up the phone upbruptly, clearly angry at something, he turned to look at me and his eyes automatically softened. "Alright, we're gonna meet them at my place where they'll explain everything to you...properlly" i was so confused, why was i trusting this guy, we barely knew each other, other than the fact that he coasts through the middle, likes to skateboard ands is the deffinition of hot, i knew nothing about him.

*5 hours later...*

The plane landed and we collected our bags. After getting dropped off at a car lot Jessie helped me into a black 95 corvet. We drove in silence. We turned around some bends, i was feeling sick, this had been coming randomly all day. It was like morning sickness, and i still hadn't been able to work out if i should trust Jessie or not, it was pretty obvious he was keeping a secret from me, and i was desperately hoping to find out what it was.

We pulled over onto the side of the road, it was now night time and pitch black. I climbed out of the car and moved a litle away from the wheel. I could feel my meal coming back up my throat. "Here" said Jessie as he wrapped a jacket around my shouldrs. He rested one of his hands on my back while the other held my hair out of my face again.

We drove for about another hour, Jessie trying to fill the silence with mindless babble, eventually he gave up and turned the radio onto some eighties rock station. I tapped my foot to the beat and my hand to the rhythm. Jessie smiled at me and i felt my whole heart warm up at the sight. 'What is wrong with you?' i chastised myself, 'control yourself woman, it's not like a guy's never smiled at you before!'

after a few more turns we pulled onto a long narrow dirt road, and surprisingly i wasn't scarred. We pulled up in front of a smallish looking cabin like house, it was sort of like a cottage but you couldn't exactly describe it that way. around the house were a lot of other dirt pathways leading off into the forest. "i'm gonna appolagise before hand for my family, dad may be a litle inquisitive, my brothers will be cdracking jokes and we may have a couple of guests over" he tok a deep breath and led me up the stairs.

We knocked on the door and waited. I saw a curtain pull back a litle but couldn't see who it was. The footsteps could be heard before the door opened, "Sorry" Jessie said again and smilled sympathetically. The door swung wide open to reveal a woman, who was 5'6 with raven black hair and brown eyes smilling at us. 'Now i know where the hair came from' i thought.

"Jessie" she said as she reached up and hugged him, "hey mum" he greeted hugging her lightly back. She glanced at me and back at Jessie before looking me over, i stood still and waited for her to finish her assesment of me, "Okay mum, this is Taylor" said Jessie slightly embarassed. "Hi Taylor, I'm Lissa, it's cold out and i bet you're hungry so why don't you come on in" she smiled warmly at me before turning and walking inside.

Jessie wrapped his hand around my waist, took a deep breath and led me inside.

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