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CHAT SEX:  A Complicated Love Story (Book 1 & 2 COMPLETED) by YourBlueLady
CHAT SEX: A Complicated Love Stor...by LadyBlue
CHAT SEX : A Complicated Love Story (Must Read) What if dahil sa isang trip o kalukuhan ni Audrey ay mabago ang lahat sa kanya? Kaya niya bang pangatawanan ang gulong na...
  • wattys2017
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  • love
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Smut & Fluff BMC by Not-A-Smut-Account
Smut & Fluff BMCby Pleasehelpme86
suggested by.... the person who read my about thing and actually commented that they wanted a book! congrats you smart cookie!
  • hahaha
  • imdead
  • bmc
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A Good Match by Not-A-Smut-Account
A Good Matchby Pleasehelpme86
Jeremy Heere is depressed. The kind where it wasn't so bad... But no one noticed.. So after years of that building up, he stopped caring. Feelings, pain, joy, anger, sad...
  • tired
  • hahaha
  • âu
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☆★ Kuroko no Basuke Oneshots by gukvee
☆★ Kuroko no Basuke Oneshotsby —
knb x reader
  • akashi
  • miracles
  • anime
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my stepbrother is my boyfriend by Msbangtansonyeondan
my stepbrother is my boyfriendby legolas
may kunting SPG po to hahaha
  • hahaha
  • lol
A Day In the Life of a Larry Shipper by bus1stan2k15
A Day In the Life of a Larry Shipp...by Persephone (Perse)
extremely accurate stuff, fandom updates, funny random fan posts
  • hahaha
  • humor
  • lmao
[C] Stepfather + Jungkook by Ajiminomoto__
[C] Stepfather + Jungkookby 찌미니 내 집 ❤️
+bias kau yang mantop hensem meletop menggetarkan jiwa auk auk Tetiba dia kawin ngan mak kau yang dah monopos Kau boleh bayang? Klau aku , aku halau dia Jadi cerita ni...
  • jeonkook
  • karut
  • jeon
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Diabolik lovers - scenarios by Dia-WHAT
Diabolik lovers - scenariosby Dia-WHAT
Scenarios with your favorite Sakamaki brothers and also a few oneshots. Read to discover a new world of how would they react to certain situations. #1 - Hahaha #2 - Haha...
  • hahaha
  • ayato
  • fanfic
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Give It All Up For Me by TheWalkingDead_Bethy
Give It All Up For Meby Allycia Barr
Blaine Anderson is the bad boy of Dalton Academy, leader of The Warblers. Kurt Hummel gets told to make himself useful and go check out The Warblers. When he gets there...
  • heart
  • crisscolfer
  • love
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Anime Funny pics by Queen_of_My_Fantasy
Anime Funny picsby Dungeon Mistress
  • anime
  • hahaha
  • lol
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Leave ✿jjk by 153cm-
Leave ✿jjkby ✨💫🌙🌈🌦🦄
Dia dera aku. Dia pukul aku. Dia rogol aku. Aku mengandung. Aku keguguran. Aku sayang dia. Aku mengandung lagi. Aku keguguran lagi. Dia bunuh anak aku. aku cintakan dia...
  • leave
  • bts
  • silabaca
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SANS X READER LEMONS by urie-tarded
Please don't pissed, this is a joke book
  • joke
  • thisoneisforyouhibah
  • dontbepissed
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Bakugou Katsuki: Re-Origin (KatsuDeku) by purplemerald
Bakugou Katsuki: Re-Origin (KatsuD...by Lydia
This takes place during and after the fight of Kacchan and Deku at Ground Beta. Fighting with a few tears and laughs, Katsuki lets go of all his fears and sees Deku in a...
  • bakudeku
  • izukatsu
  • bnha
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The Curious Case of Luna Lovegood by JesseMorgan4
The Curious Case of Luna Lovegoodby Jesse Morgan
Harry signs up for more than he bargains for when he agrees to mentor Luna through her seventh year at Hogwarts While also teaching Defense against the Dark Arts. Togeth...
  • hahaha
  • fanfiction
  • nargles
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JUST A RANDOM BOOK! by ThepastaCrew
JUST A RANDOM BOOK!by ࿇ᴍᴀᴛsᴜᴢᴀᴋᴀ࿇
Okay okay okay! This is not a book! *wink* not a book! This is just some random little story or random news of things im doing. Or what ever i feel like writing down. Li...
  • lol
  • dailythoughts
  • dailyupdates
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Rejected again? by IceBubble4
Rejected again?by IceBubble4
Last published: April 6 Finished Jessie was rejected by her family, and held in captivity for 12 years. Then she is rescued by her mate, Malaki. But Malaki is a strong A...
  • romance
  • action
  • pleasevoteandcomment
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A Saiyan Never Backs Down(Dragon Ball x My Hero Academia) by ClarkCanReadSomehow
A Saiyan Never Backs Down(Dragon B...by Kyo Kitski
Gohan enrolled into U.A and meets Izuku Midoriya And thier crazy journey filled with action begins, how will gohan affect midoriya and the others?
  • fanfic
  • gohan
  • hahaha
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Funny Texts by minion350
Funny Textsby Stephie
Funny stuff that you wouldn't want to miss btw most arent mine
  • hahaha
  • wtf
  • cool
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