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I couldn't believe the way everything was turning out, my family was being moved into a house in the packs territory!!! after all the introductions had been made and my brothers managed to make fools of themselves one of Jessie's brothers took us to their house, Jessie and i helped them uunpack and then we showed them around the whole place.

We passed a group of female wolves, in the time that i had been here Jessie had explained that not all the wolves did find mates, but the majority of them did, these were the females that were unable to find there mates so far. They nodded their heads in respect towards Jessie and i smiled as he tightened his grip on my hand.

A couple of the females came over and Jessie introduced my family and them. I saw a star struck look come over three of the females faces when they saw my brothers. Jessie whispered in my ear "I guess this is really going to benefit everyone" i looked up at him all confuzzzled he looked at me and grinned when he realised ii had no clue as to what he was talking about. Leaning down again he whispered in my ear "those female wolves just realised your brothers are their mates" i felt my eyes widen then i grinnedd aswell.

The females offered to show them around, so the group broke up. By the end it was just me and Jessie walking through the town. I saw two wolves come out of the forest to our left. Jessie jyust raised his eyebrows at them. They turned around and moved into the tree's again and came back in their human forms.

Jessie and them fist bumped then did the whole dude bro shake/hug thingy. "So wat are you two up to?" asked one of them. It was then that i realised it was one of the guys from school. "We just showed around Taylor's family, but they all managed to find new people to show them around at some point" the other wolves just nodded in understanding.

Before long we turned around and headed back to the house, Jessie led me upstairs to his room. I closed my eyes and lowly fell into sleep. I felt myself being shifted and blankets being pulled up around me. I then felt a pair of lips touch my forehead lightly and from the scent of the person i could tell it was Jessie.


After i tucked Taylor in to bed i walked down stairs and into the T.V area, some how we had managed to get a new T.V. My brother was sitting down on the floor with two twin litle boys, he looked up when he saw me, he nodded his head and turned back to the litle boys.

I new just by looking at them that they were his children. "Hey boys" he said gaining their attention straight away, "this is your uncle Jessie, cn you say hi to him" the boys tunred and looked at me, sizzingme up and checking if i was a threat, the normal wolf things. Whne they realised i wasnt they came straight over to me, "Will you play wif us?" asked one of them, "yeah, pwease?" asked the other. I looked over towards my brother who shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

I sat down with them and played for awhile. I noticed other wolves come inside, i felt their eyes rest on us four just sitting and playing. I could hear the scheduled wolves in the kitchen cooking and i could smell the scent of the food. I heard people start to gather around the table. But we stayed where we were.

It wasn't until i niticed that someone hadn't gone away that i inhaled their scent. I turned around and smiled at my mate, leaning against the door frame watching us. I noded at my brother. HE looked over to Taylor and smiled then turned to the boys, "Hey guys, thats Taylor, she's your UNcle Jessie's mate" they both looked at her and smiled widely, while waving.

She laughed her beautiful laugh and waved back "Umm, food's being served, you guys might want to get some while you can" we all got up and went to walk out the door. I felt Taylor grab onto my shirt and i turned around to face her. "You're so good with children" she whispered smiling lightly, i smiled back at her, "You're gonna be such a great Da-aahhhh!!!" i felt my eyes widen, "Whats wrong!??!" i asked her frantically.

"OHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" before i could say anything, i noticed the puddle at our feet I looked up at Taylor's face wich had paled dramatically, her eyes still wide "I think my water just broke" i looked back down at the puddle then up at her "Ahh!" she moaned her face moving in pain, her hand on her womb.

"MMMMMMUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i Shoated out frantically, i heard a couple of chairs scrape along the ground and the sound of pounding feet. I ignored the sound and brought Taylor over to the couch lying her down. She brought her legs up, bending them.

She grabbed onto my hand and started puffing in and out deeply, while she grouned a litle. "What's going on!?" shoated mum comming into the room. I looked up at her wide eyed, "Taylor's gone into labour, she's having the babies now!" mum came into the room, and spoke quickly to Taylor.

After we moved her quickly upstairs into one of the rooms and called the doctor, i heard everyone leaving the house quickly. I stayed with Taylor the whole time while she gave birth. Occassionally listening to her shout out about 'this being all my fault' or 'getting them out of her' and especially the more than common shout of "AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO GIVE ME DRUGS!!!!!!!!" "WHERE ARE THOSE DRUGS" "GOD SOMEONE GET ME SOME DRUGS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!"

After she gave birth they gave her something to help numb the after birth pain. We held our children in our arms after the nurse came back with them all clean and wrapped in blankets.

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