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<P>A/N ONG!!!!!!!!! yes i am aware i used an N instead of a M do i care? no not at all! i  think you'd all like to know that i have just gotten the seccond book in the Hush Hush series!!!!!!!!1 if you haven't read it you're missing out its totally aWSOME!!!!!!anyway, its by Becca Fitzpatric!!! and this book is AWSOME!!!!!!!! it's all about angels and friendship and relationships and lies and truth's!!!!!!!! i love it, it's about a dude that likes a girl.....thaats all i can tell u about the first book because otherwise it'd ruin it!!! ALSO i have gotten the seccond bok in thre series of THE LONELY WEREWOLF GIRL that story was so cool and confussing i read over things like five times and now im onto the seccond AHHHHHHHHHHHHHQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's written by Martin Millar!!!! i reccomend that you read borh series as well as a sries called Fallen.. the seccond bok is called Torment...also about....MY LIPS R SEALED!!!!!!!!!!!! it's by Lauren Kate????? maybe??????</P>

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<P>Taylors POV</P>

<P>'he did not just say that!!!' "ARE YOU JOKING!!!!!" he couldn't, wouldn't, can't go and meet my family, its out of the question "you're nuts!!! my brothers will murder you! there is no escape from them!!! my dad will shoot you and if that doesn't work they'll tie you up and chop you into pieces!!!"</P>

<P>"They can't be that bad!" said Jessie, we were sitting in the lounge room watching theb T.V (A/N i may have made them arrive outside her house last chappie but i can't remembs so yeahs) i sat there staring at the walll just im agining all the possibilites 'Trhe whole family would freak! i'm the only girl! the only one! they'll kill him and i'll  be grounded and then have to raise then pups without their dad!!!</P>

<P>Jessie POV</P>

<P>"Taylor, it'll be fine!" i was pretty sure she was overeacting...i mean they wouldn't really trty and kill me? right? .....RIGHT???</P>

<P>I sat there watching my beautiful mate for awhile, i hadn't been watchin gthe time and she slowly fell as leep, i carried her into our room... 'i love the sound of that 'our' it made us sound more together' i smiled as i lais her down gently. Just as i turne dto go she grabbed onto my sleave and pulled me back. "Stay with me??" she asked i smilled and kicked off my shoes.</P>

<P>As soon as i had my arms wrapped aeround her she fell into lullaby7 land. I closd my eyes and fell asleep to the sound of her breathing and heartbeat.</P>

<P>Taylors bro's POV</P>

<P>We had looked ecverywhere, i mean it's not like we didn't search the whole town!!! she could be anywhwere!!! especially if she was drinking!!! "OH NO!!! what if she did something really stupid!?!" asked Mike really worriedly he was two years younger than Taylor. We all sat ther mulling rthis over.</P>

<P>"It would be very Taylor-ish" said Liam came and sat down next to us, "For all we know she could've gone and adopted five kids andbecome a sponser for a national Zoo".</P>

<P>We walked silently up the stairs. We'd had take-away again. It was so unfair! we all new how to cok it's just it didn't nexactly taste ...or look... like food when e were finished. Taylor had our mum's skill in the kitchen...and her ks were a cross between mum and dads.</P>

<P>"Oh Jesus! what if she did something stupid like in the hangover, what if she went to Vegas ... DRUNK!!!" shouted Tye.</P>

<P>Jessie's POV</P>

<P>The next morning we woke up early, like super early. I packed some food and drink into a bag for Taylor...she's gettin pretty big, it was deffinetly more than one baby! she was having food craving s and everything! she'd been missing from her family for like a week or two and we were certain they'd kill us if we didn't go see them and explain.</P>

<P>We drove for a while, passing the school on the way, i gripped Taylor's hand helping to calm her nerves and sickness-feeling. Mine as welll. She directed me down a roaD, it wasn't the nicest looking street but it calmed Taylor down.</P>

<P>We pulled up outside of her house, there were broken plants aND shutters hadc been put up, obviously multiple times. There were toys on the roof and bikes lyieng on the ground out the front. It wasn't as bad as it sounded. It was just a litle small for the size of her family.</P>

<P>I don't know how they managed to fit everyone in!. I helped Taylor out of the car, she was chewing on a chocolate bar. As she finished putting the rubbish in her pocket she grabbed myleft hand in her right, her left hand sat on the top of her womb, her baby-bump. The ring on her finger made me smile.</P>

<P>I reached forward and knocked on the door, wrapping left arm around her and gswitching her hand into my right. we waited a few minutes before the door opened.</P>

<P>A/N thankyou for reading, i hope you enjoyed it!!!m :) i for one can't wait for the next chapter LOL i thought about continuing and was juyst like....nup this should satisfy them for a little and this is on time so HUH!!!! especially if you thought i'd miis the dateline....or is it deadline???? oh well! :D LIBRARY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't wqanna get hurt *spookyn voice* I know where you live............................................ anywayz untill next time... you knoe Pinks knew song raise your glass isn't that song cool!!!!! oH gotta go ive got like threee or five different books to read one from school library, one for english, one in the TOmorrow series... you know Tomorrow When The War Began...oh well.....2the 2 new one s i mentioned earlier...and ...i know more than 5....tee-heee.....The Van Allen Legacy, Skullduggery Pleasent. thats like seven plus...Wattpad!!!</P>

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