Went to Vegas, got drunk, and married a werwolf...

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Taylor's POV

Okay, so i may have a giant hangover, nothing i can't handle. I rolled over just to bump into something...more like someone.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i screamed my eyes opening wide and almost popping out of the sockets.

The boy's eyes snaped open staring at me like i was crazzy, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?! he shouted. My mouth hung open widely, "could ask you the same thing" i said with attitude.

My head was killing me, i went to get up when i felt the sheet move across the skin of my stomach...wait!...Oh No!...stomach? i lifted the sheets a litle to find my self absolutely but naked. I flushed embarrassingly, a bright pink colouring all of my skin. 'So Dead!' i thought. I held my hand to my forehead but pulled it back when i felt something on my finger. I looked down to find a ring, "Holy F@#k!!" i screamed looking at the ring.

I glanced across at the guy, i knew him from town, we go to school together. He hung out with the skaters, he liked coasting through the middle, but i heard a lot of girls threw themselves at him. His blue eyes were as wide as saucers. He seemed more worried with the fact that we'd slept together rather than the fact that we got hitched!. He mumbled words to himself in a language i didn't understand. I wrapped one of the sheets around myself while i gathered my clothes, i even had a bag with me! Obviously i'd bought these clothes last night while i was so drunk, that i married some dude i'd never spoken to from school!!!

I moved into the bathroom, quickly freshening up and changing. I looked back down at my hand, not believing what i'd...what we'd done.

Jessie's POV

'HOly SHIT!' i got married! 'I am So DEAD!' i could just imagine the guys laughing about this making fun of me, this is bad, this is really bad! 'Dad's gonna have my neck!' i thought, 'mum won't be able to protect me this time' i looked down and saw the ring i'm wearing, it seemed like it cost a fair bit. Fully gold with an engraving 'you hold my heart in your hands...my love, my life, my all' how they got it all to fit i'll never know.

I picked up our marriage certificate, we had photos taken and everything!. Actually, we looked kind of happy in the photo. Thoughts rang through my head, anythiing to stop me thinking the truth. I stuffed up, slept with some chick and married her while drunk, automatically making her my mate and impregnating her. 'My brothers will love this!' i thougth joyfully.

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