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Taylor's POV

We finally arrived at Jessie's place, the guys in the back all gasped loudly, i scanned the surroundings quickly, noticing some wolves sliking out of the forest with wolves that had turned into their human forms.

Jessie parked the car and we all stepped out, he wrapped his arm around me, probably his overprotective wolf, or his need for support for the scene that's about to take place. He opened the door and we stepped inside, my family followed closely behind.

I stopped short at the sight in front of me, Jessie froze and went ridgid, Jessies eldest brother stood, staring at his father, the rest of the family was frozen in their spots, a group of boys around the ages of twelve to fifteen were sitting around the spot where the T.V should be, jessie's younger brothers, still with remotes in their hands.

His mother and sisters were standing at the doorway, watching everything that was happening. My youngest brother chose that exact moment to stumble through all of us and end sprawled out on the floor at my feet "OUCH!" he shouted, he turned to glare behind him.

Jessie pulled him up quickly before adressing his family, "What is going on?!" he looked towards his father and elder brother. "We just found out that your brother has children" said dad icilly, "Oh, couldn't you of waited till i got back to out something as big as that?" he asked not even fazed by what he was told.

Jessie turned towards my family "Come on upstairs, why they get this settled, it could get messy, So" i noticed the shift in his voice, he was stepping up to fill the role of Alpha while his father and eldest brother were.....occupied "I Suggest All Wolves He Do Not Live In This Household To Leave...Now!" all of the boys except two of them ran from the T.V/ entertainment area. Straight out the door, followed clossely by a few female wolves.

Jessie's POV

Well, it was very unexpected to find Dad and my big bro facing off, not just facing off, standing down, i led everyone upstairs quickly, i could hear them all quietly talking about what was going to happen, so far i had gathered that their mother was imitted to the hospital, she passed away yesterday, he'd been gone all day filling in all the paper work for custody of the children, he'd kept them away because they're mother was in our rivalling pack. She didn't think it would work wel for them to be together, especially considering she wasnt his mate...

After Taylor's family was all settled, Taylor turned to me, "so?' she whispered "whats going on downstairs?' i turned and looked at her, "My brother has children, with another wolf, she's not his mate, she passed away yesterday and he's got custody....she was in our rivalling pack and we were never informed of all of this before now" she raised her eyebrows, in question before shrugging.

She turned to look at her family "Do NOt break a thing!!" she narrowed her eyes when some of them opened their mouths "No EXCUSSES!!!" they seemed to droop their shoulders in defeat.

When we got down stairs everyone had calmed down, they now stood in a group, behind mmy mother and father, we positioned ourselves on the right to the stairs, standing between the two groups. 

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