Traped in the wolves den NO!! i'm here cause they gave me COOKIES!!!!!

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Taylors POV

I couldn't believe he's telling them, they're faces are soo funny looking right now, like i'm trying not to laugh but it's soo hard, like tears are spurting in my eyes it's that funny, its sooooo funny i think my water might brake! HAHAHAHAHAHAA

They're all like 'What the F#$%K!!!!' (A/N i know i added an extra letter) soooooooooooooooo funny. Dad turned to look at me, "Taylor, you could've at least gotten someone sane" he said flatly i just shook my head, "He is telling the truth guys, can you think of anmy other way to explain this" i gestured to my ginomorous round protruding womb.

They were speechless, they really wrre very unimaginative.

Jessie's POV

A whole bunch of them burst out laughing, it was going to be a repeat of what happened with Tay, i just know it!!! Her father just stared at us and shook jis head "well, he is certaintly amusing to have around, especially for a laugh" Taylor stood up huffed angrily and stormed off into the kitchen.

I got up and followed her, "come on Taylor, it's the same way you reacted until...u-until...until..we..he...." Taylor looked at me her eyes shinning at the revelation, "are you sure?" i asked her, "i mean i'm not sure we're really ready for like 9 to 13 people fainting" she just laughed and smilled, a glint in her beautiful eyes "they'll deal with it" she giggled before hugging me tightly, snuggling closser into me, resting her head on my chest, she sighed and clossed her eyes. I wrapped my arms around her, resting my chin on the top of her head and breathing in her absolutely amazing, breath taking, scent.

We stayed like that, just holding each other for a while longer, i really didn't want to release her from my arms, and it was obvious she didn't want to leave them, i thought i saw a flash of light from the doorway, but when i glimpsed i didn't see anyone. We were still standing ther ein our embrace, i'd lost count of how long we'd been standing there, but when someone cleared their throat i reluctantly removed my arms, Tay inhaled my scent once more before letting go and turning around to face her father.

Taylor's POV

We turned to face my father, his eyes softened as they rested on us, he smiled a asad smile while tears sprung in his eyes, "You remind me so much of your mother" he said proudly before comming over and embracing me in a hug.

I smiled, a few tears escaping my own eyes, i hadn't even realised i was crying. He let go and smiled at me, slowly pushing me back into Jessie's arms, "so Mr.Werewolf" he said looking at Jessie inquisitivelly. "I'll show you, you and the others, go wait in the loungeroom" Dad raised an eyebrow, "okay" before walking into the other room and getting my brothers.

Jessie's POV

I walked into the loungeroom, with Taylor on my arm, her brothers and fathers were all sitting down comfortably watching us clearly very amussed. Taylor and i shared a look of understanding, she stepped back and sat down on a bean-bag chair.

I willed on my wolf form, my skin felt like it was being roasted then it all went cold and then burned again, my bones cracked and reformed as my skin formed fur, my face forming my muzzle. When the transformation was over, i stood in a pile of shredded clothes, her brothers just gawked at me,her fathers eyebrows had shot so far up on his face that they were at his hair-line.

Taylor's POV

My family sat there and gawked at him, i couldn't help it, i laughed, i laughed even harder when they all turned to look at me then quickly back at Jessie, "w..w...w-w-w-w.......h-h-h....h-how?" i couldn't see asked because i was still laughing, "werewolf genes" i stated calmly" Jessie trotted over to me and licked my hand I giggled and ran my hands through his hair, he layed down in frontn of my on the floor, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he rested his head on his paws.

i giggled again and continued to touch his fur, he moved into my touch, he looked up at my family and whind softly to me, i got up and nodded "okay" i said out loud, he needs clothes so he can change back so where gonna go get him some" i led him upstairs, i walked into my brothers rooms while Jessie headded oover to mine.

I walked in and set the clothes on my bed before turning and facing the door, i could practically hear him shifting back, i heard the swipe of material "okay Tay, you can turn around" i did and he was just standing there in the pair of sweatpants. No shirt. I inhaled deeply, "okay we should go down stairs now" i said quietly, he smiled at me and stepped up, getting as close to me as he could, "do you really wanna go back down there?" he smiled mischievously at me, "no" i answered truthly, "but we have to".

Jessie's POV

We walked down stairs hand in hand, we walked into the loungeroom, where everyone was waiting, they were talking quietly yo each other, "so these wolf genes...." said Liam, "The children will have it to right?" i nodded "yep" her dad looked at us carefully, "" they al kind of looked up at us, tilting heads questioningly, "Yes, yes she is my mate" right then i knew that from the knowledge they knew or had heard they knew i would always look after her.

"My family and i would very much so like Taylor to live with us, from now, until ofcourse we can get our own place....which will be extremely soon" i said smilling lightly, Taylor looked at me extremely happily "Really!" she squeeled excitedly "Yes" i answered smiling at her, "We're getting our own place!!!" she squeeled/screamed loudly jumping up and down in happiness.

"Also" i said turning and facing her family, "you guys are welcome to stay at the pack housing during the rest of the pregnancy and i you find that uncomfortable, you are welcome to visit and stay nights" they all nodded they're heads, happy with that invitation, "Umm, also my f-family they want to meet you"

An hour later, We were on our way, all of us, including Taylor's family, to the pack house, to my house, to meet up with my family and the pack.

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