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title by oyematethatsedgyy
titleby oyematethatsedgyy
my nightstand is black guess im emo now
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Unspoken by XBrokenxMelodyX
Unspokenby Savanna
Emma is a normal fifteen year old girl with normal fifteen year old problems. She likes boys, she loves to dance, she wans to go to the parties, you know? She wants to b...
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Eragon-Things They Wouldn't Say by MissStephie813
Eragon-Things They Wouldn't Sayby Staff
Things They Wouldn't Say.....or would they???
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Entangled by glowia
Entangledby Gloria
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love doesn't end by aabbcc11222
love doesn't endby aabbcc11222
magey and Jacob were ex girlfriend and boyfriend
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The Guy That Wouldnt Go Away by chocolatelover4656
The Guy That Wouldnt Go Awayby chocolatelover4656
"what do you want from me!" I shrieked he looked at me dark orbs for eyes "you" he replied before backing me up against a wall. His minty breath tin...
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Sam likes Teddy Bears by LePerson
Sam likes Teddy Bearsby LePerson
He fluffed the fluff out of those fluffers. get fluffed.
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Violetpaw's Spoof by SunriseClan
Violetpaw's Spoofby owo?
A spoof. Nothing more, nothing less. (With Violetpaw! :D)
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How I feel (poems) by IFightForLittle
How I feel (poems)by cow
I'm sad
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idek but trigger warninh by charliemadi31
idek but trigger warninhby some chick
im getting this off my chest i guess theres gonna be more probably im sorry
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This was my bio. Until it said 200 words min. by imagine_dragon_girl
This was my bio. Until it said 200...by nobody
This piece of shit wouldnt let me save this as my bio bc it was exceeding 200 words. Well fuck that here it is if yall want to read. Love ya
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I'm Not 'Strange' You're Just Way Too 'Normal' by lucifi
I'm Not 'Strange' You're Just Way...by Previous usernames: Crynn, Ja...
Evelyn Alice Volesky isn't one for the future. Sure, maybe some day she'd lose some of her signiture snappiness, but that wasn't anytime soon. For now she just planned...
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My peps by Tiger2Shark
People who I can say i can call a friend of not closer that I have dreamed of having
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Black on White (Poetry) by ericaking
Black on White (Poetry)by ♕Erica♕
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