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Jessie's POV

I couldn't believe that Taylor was actually meeting my family. I could smell the pack scent before we'd even pulled into the right street! 'This is gonna be good!' i thought.

After Mum had opened the door and given me an all clear with Taylor, well her all clear anyway, i hesitantly walked inside the house. "Jessie!" screamed Megan as she ran into the hall, she launched herself at me, wrapping her arms around my neck. "Hey lil' sis" i greeted hugging her back. She looked at Taylor quizzically before turning back to me..."She's alright" she bounced down the hall into the loungeroom and i knew automatically that almost, no scratch that, the whole pack had come to see my downfall.

I stepped into the room, one hand rested on the middle of Taylors back while the other hung limply at my side. I gulped when i saw everyone waiting for us. I saw all of my friends eyes widen when they looked at Taylor, 'yep they recognise her' i thought, i swear their eyes popped out of their sockets when they saw the rings on our left hands.

I glanced across at Taylor quickly, she scanned through everyone quickly, she was trying to figure us all out. I felt her shiver and walked further into the room. All eyes followed us, i hung my head avoiding all the glaring, inquisitive, angry, excited and disapointed eyes. "Jessie!" my elder brother CJ said loudly and sternly, slowly i lifted my head and our eyes locked. 'God...Dead! so freakin dead! it's not like i actually was aware of what i was doing at the time, i was drunk! not that it will matter...God...I'm never gonna be the beta now, i can kiss it all goodbye!'

Taylor looked a little more pale, i wrapped my arm around her waist, people in the room seemed to gasp when i did that. She was only standing now because i was holding her up "Taylor needs to sit down" i said sternly, "Now!" the younger children moved off the lounge. I placed her down gently, i sat down next to her. There was no way i was gonna let them bombard her with stupid questions at the moment. I grabbed a blanket that was placed next to me and wrapped it around her. Just then Dad walked in, he was so angry i wondered how he hadn't shifted already.

I quickly looked around at the others, some poeple avoided my eyes while others looked on in sympathy. Dad's brother, my uncle Trey looked over at me, meeting my eyes. I could tell that he knew what i was feeling. His eyes shot over to Taylor and back to me, he raised an eyebrow then smirked when he found what he was looking for in my expression. He took in her features, you'd have too be blind not to see what i'd done, even if you couldn't see i'm still pretty sure you would be able to tell. Everyone knew, but no one was sure or positive, they were fine with acusations and rumours right now. I deffinetely wasn't going to tell them.

I glanced over at my elder brothers, CJ nodded his head in understanding. All the wolves knew that once you found your mate or mated with someone, you automatically had feelings for them that you wouldn't of had otherwise. However, he was one of the only people that knew i'd had a crush on her when we were younger that never fully went away. Not that anyone could use that against me. I WAS off my face when we were married. We've got some photos to prove it. I mean we've got some nice ones that you cant even tell we were drunk for and then you see the others.

I wasn't sure what Dad would say or do, i was just hopping he wouldn't do anything stupid or rash, like banishing us. Or better still, killing the baby/babies...or the mother. Some how i doubt mum or the girls would let him do that, i felt myself relax just the tiniest bit knowing that i had mum, uncle Trey and CJ on my..our side.

Taylors POV

'OKAY!' i thought looking around at his family, Gosh there's alot of them. I scanned through them all and my eyes stopped on certain people that i recognised from school. "Wow, are you sure they're all your family?" i asked Jessie, he looked at me and rolled his eyes.

A man stood in the crowd, he looked very angry, i focussed clossely on his eyes, behind all the anger you could see that he was sad and disapointed, but also slightly happy?

"So, Jessie my son" began the man, Jessie met his fathers eyes not backing away or cowering, a surge of pride rolled through me, 'thats my husband! not being a coward!' i thought as i pulled the blanket tighter around my shoulders and snuggled under Jessie's arm. At the moment i just felt like i should be closser to him. His mother looked at me and smiled kindly as if she new how i felt, she moved forward and whispered something in his ear. All of a sudden his peircing eyes shifted to me. His eyes were the same beautiful shade of blue as Jessie's.

I didn't dare look away from his gaze, i wasn't a coward and i never backed down. In fact he could ask anyone form my school and they'd tell you that exactly and give you an example. When he seemed to find what he was looking for he took in my features. My eyes, the shape of my face, my hair colour. Then he started to take in the whole picture, my pale skin that for some reason seemed like it had this natural glow, the blanket wrapped around me and the way i was snuggled into Jessie. His eyes gazzed at Jesie's arm that wrapped around me tightly pulling me closser towards him.

They met eyes and seemed to have a silent conversation. I was dieing to know what they were saying. I was also dieing to know what their secret was. You see i knew that everyone in this room shared the same secret, they all had that guarded look and they seemed to either be pitying or glaring at me. After a couple of minutes Jessie's Dad walked out of the room, Jessie's shoulders slumped for a minute, he closed his eyes, inhaled sharply and exhaled a very shaky breath.

Jesie's eyes snaped open, it was like grey clouds parting for a blue sky, except his eyes werent sky blue and his eyelids aren't dark grey. Some people were quietly whispering while others where having silent conversations. He turned to me slowly meeting my eyes. I could see all his feelings, sadness, worry, anxiousness, excitement, ownership, protectivness, deffencivness, passion, happiness, sorrow and fear. "I'll be back soon okay?" he whispered in my ear, "Don't worry" he kissed the top of my head and carefully removed himself from my grip.

He walked past five boys from school who he hangs out with, they gave him sympathetic looks and curt nods. He then walked past his mother and some children that looked like him. I assumed they were his family. They had very short silent conversations as he past each one. Silence ricoched off the walls, there is nothing that can compare to the deafening sounds of silence.

Lisa came and sat down next to me, i lifted my head and looked at her, she was studdying me while Jessie was away. She stood up, "I'll get us some chips and drinks" she said pattign me on the knee. I turned around and came face to face with a girl, she had the same shaped face, nose, and eyes as Jessie. She had her fathers hair and mothers eyes though and her lips were more feminine and a lucious red colour. "Hi, i'm Amy, Jessie's sister" she smiled kindly at me. "So has Jessie explained the whole baby thingo yet?" she asked slightly excited.

"What!?!" i shouted out, everyone had turned to look at us, she looked at me, and her eyes widened, her whole face paling. She 'thwacked' herself in the head and mumbled something in another language, "Uh...No actually...haha..Jessie didn't mention anyhting at all about a baby!" i said loudly and clearly, scarred, worrid and curious. "Amy!" screamed her mother "What did you tell her!" Amy looked at me innocently, "Well...just forget i said anything then! Haha!.."

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