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Jessie's POV

Slipped through the kitchen and out into the yard, through the shadows and into the forest 'Please don't be in lpease don't be in' i chanted as i wolf-a-fied. And guess what they were in!!! all of the guys were literally ambushing me...well you know the guys as in my mates...my buddies...my friends of the male gender!!! 'DUDE!!! you...seriously!!!' 'WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!!!' 'YOU IDIOT!!!' 'Man when i said ask her out i meant ask her out not mate with her and get hitched and make her have your PUPS!!!!' 'SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!' that last one was my best friend Mitch.

I looked directly at him shook my head and high tailed it outta there!!!! and Man can i run. I could here Mitch running after me. I stopped at our old cubby house. I De-Wolf-a-fied back into human me. I moved some of the bush and shrub outta the way and moved through the door. I slumped down onto the couch. "Jessie!" he called out as he fell inside and by fell i literally mean fell.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------half an hour later---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"So i guess i should offer you two a congradulations and a longand frivolous life ahead of you" said Mitch, I smilled and shook my head at him. We'd been sittin here for half an hour while Mitch just asked five same questions over and over again.

"Can i be the God Father????" he pleaded i burst out laughing. "I don't know man, i mean we haven't even told Taylor's family yet!!!" Mitch just looked at me incredouisly. "Isn't she the only girl in her family???" he asked, i nodded my head "she's got like six elder brothers and like five younger" (A/N i think i should make her prepared for a huge family i mean she is married to Alpha's son ppl!!!!!)

We were running back when igot a couple of comments from the pack 'Dude whats happeneing?' 'You arn't being exhiled???' 'Your gonna be a dad man! ' 'Congrats Mate!' my brothers were in ther too...somewhere, 'Man you need to chillax a litle! we'll be there the whole way with you!' said my two years elder than i brother. I still couldn't quite grasp that i was gonna be a dad.

Taylors POV

I sat ther ethinking over everything that had happened I was gonna be a MOMMMY!!!!!!! my eyes widened at the revelation!!! A MOMMY!!!!!!!!! i was gonna need to tell my family....like today infact i bet they're searching everywhere for me. I turned on my phone just to find that everyone was searching for me. The phone just kept beepingb as it counted up all the missed calls, messages, voice-mails. I groaned.

Jessie walked through the door followed closely with his best friend, i just sat on the bed eating the home made biccies he'd brought up earlier. They were really good. Suddenly i felt a pain in my stomach...or womb... i winced and placed my hand over my growing buldge it had only been like 2 days....i think....maybe a little more....and my baby bump was ginormus...i bet a doctor would put me on bed rest.

I felt movement under my pals, like something kicking! DUh! *REVELATION* "They're kicking!!!" i exclaimed. Jessie sat down next to me and place dhis hand son the large bump, they just kept kickimng i flt like five feet kicking...FIVE!!! OH MY GOSHNESS!!!! Jessie looked at me in awe. He gently kissed my lips and stared at me. I could feel a blush creeping up my cheeks and neck.

Just then his mum bounced through the door, followed by a whole bunch of other people that i din't totally recognise. "You ready for the ultra sound????" she asked. I think i fell asleep on the journey to the other biulding because i woke up to Jessie gently shaking me. He pointed to the screen where the Doctor pointed out that i would be having eight kids EIGHT!!!!!!! and all MALE!!!!!! i groaned "ALL BOYS!!!!!!!" i groaned and screamed into a pillow just to everyone elses amussement "i grew up in a house of boys! couldn't there of just been one girl! just one!!!" Jessie broke out into laughter "well maybe we should tell all of your brothers the good news? you've been missing for more than enough days now" he said

I shook my hed vigorously "NO. WAY. IN. THIS. LIFTIME.!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i growled at him he just shook his head "Yeah we'll tell them tomorrow!"

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