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does anyone still want me to continue this book? this book is soO cringy to me and i hate everything i did so this leads me to believe others also hate it. if people actually somehow like it i will continue. i have chapters written but i didn't know if anyone was still reading! i haven't found motivation to write past that and a major factor is just how much i hate the storyline. (and people commenting how they hate it as well.) TRUST ME, me too. i could have made it so much better. BUt i'm not rewriting a damaged story, the show must go on! this was just an update on why i haven't updated in quite a jiffy! (lmAo never saying that again.) so just lmk by voting or commenting. maybe give me a plot or chapter suggestions because i seek other people's approval and need shit y'all will like, not me! um anyways tootles thanks for spending time reading the words i typed out in pure boredom. <33

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