Twenty Six

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i changed my mind im not ending it yet.


"Everyone is gone." David said flopping onto his couch.

"I know." Caitlyn muttered as she didn't open her eyes.

"Now I can lay with you." David smiled as he laid on top of Caitlyn.

"There's an elephant on me help! I cant breathe!" Caitlyn gasped for air and David hit her.

"Not nice." He frowned as he sat up.

"Not nice to hit me either." Caitlyn furrowed her eyebrows.

"I have to edit." David sighed as he reached for his laptop.

"Can we cuddle for at-least a little before I fall asleep?" Caitlyn frowned as he shook his head no.

"No time babe." He mumbled as he placed his laptop on his lap and got to work.

"Right. Sorry." Caitlyn whispered as she rolled over to close her eyes. She became accustomed to sleeping on his couch after all the late nights editing and partying and more.

Soon it was morning and Caitlyn woke up in Davids arms. The best way to wake up. "Hi." Caitlyn smiled as she looked at him. His eyes fluttered open as he felt her move.

"Hi you're cute." He said making Caitlyn blush.

"You're cuter." She added. He just hugged her and then got up to stretch. "David?"


"Movie day?" She asked and he shook his head no.

"If I could I would. On that editing grind and meeting the boys to make clips." David said putting on a different hoodie.

"Well when are you free?" Caitlyn sighed.

"When I'm free for a full day? A week or so." He shrugged as he brushed through his hair.

"David that's so long. I just want a day with you."

"And we can have a day in a week or so." David said leaving Caitlyn on the couch while he head to the bathroom. As much as it pained Caitlyn to say it, her happiness was fading. She grabbed her stuff that was on the table and shut the door behind her.

David walked out of the bathroom changed and ready to go, only to not see Caitlyn anywhere. "Cait? Cait?" David called our numerous times, only to be met with silence. He soon realized she went home and shrugged it off.

Caitlyn was wandering around the grocery store that's shed only been to about two times. She was trying to find ice cream when she ran into someone.

"You look really familiar." The male said and she nodded in agreement.

"As do you." Caitlyn said staring at him for a second. "What's your name?"

"Conner." He smiled.

"I'm Caitlyn." She said and just like that a light bulb went off in his head.

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