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Caitlyn was breathing heavy on her couch. She had no idea what David was capable of. The truth is he did scare her, but he'll always be the cute and innocent boy he was in high school, just now with a hard shell.

No one knows exactly why she hates him. She can't bring herself to tell anyone. Caitlyn now has a fear they will turn on her, share her secrets, make fun of her. That fear is all caused by what David did to her.

Caitlyn can trust her friends enough to tell them, right? She figured if she was gonna tell someone, it should be who she's closest to.

come over

Now she waits.

David was in his room crying. He broke down. He hasn't slept in four days, he's struggling with content and this whole Caitlyn thing only made it ten times worse.

"I can't do it." He exclaimed loudly and hit himself in the head. "I'm ruining myself. I'm breaking." David cried to no one. He was home alone.

"Someone help, help me." David croaked. His voice broke as he called out to no one. His mental and physical health was suffering. He wasn't happy. He was overreacting to everything. He was broken.

"I have the food!" Liza knocked on the door and then let herself in. "People can get you when you leave your door open dumbass." Liza yelled as she walked into the living room, where David was.

"David?" Liza panicked as she looked at the usually happy boy. His hair was ruffled and half way covering his face. His eyes were red and puffy with bags under them. And tears were running down his face and onto his clothes.

Liza felt so bad for yelling at him early. She didn't know he was at a tough time. She blamed herself even though it was far from her fault. Liza dropped the food and ran over to David.

David just stared at nothing as his tears fell. Not even Liza could help fix him at this point. Everything about him was messed up, he couldn't even fake happiness anymore.

"Liza, I, I don't know how to fix myself." Davids voice broke as he tried to speak. His throat felt dry and his eyes burned. Liza put his head on her lap and played with his hair. She wiped his tears and then rubbed his back.

"David, it's okay. Everyone breaks down, it was bound to happen to you. You're unhappy. Fake it till you make it isn't the case in your situation. You need to eat some food and sleep David. Don't worry about your vlog. I'll tweet something." Liza cooed as she got up to go grab the food.

"Liza." David mumbled from the couch. She swiftly turned and looked at him. "I'm, I'm sorry. For, being a bad person. That's not who I am. I've disappointed all my friends, I'm just getting my karma. I deserve this." He breathes out and wiped his eyes. His face was damp and his breath was shakey.

"No baby no one deserves this. You're a good person, we all know that. You're just not doing okay. Everyone breaks down, you just need someone to build you back up and I'm here for you. We all love you, please take care of yourself." Liza set the food down in front of him and continued comforting him. She rubbed his back as he slowly sat up.

He knew he needed someone to put him back together, but that someone wasn't Liza.

"Come in." Caitlyn smiled at the door and they walked in. Kristen walked in and sat down next to the frowning girl.

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