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Step three, this step was ruined because David now got in on the plan. Maybe he helped it though.

David talked to Liza about getting him and Cait together and Liza thought it was great to have him in on it. After he talked to Liza and Kristen they all came up with how it would work. It goes a little something like this.

Caitlyn would sleep and when she woke up everyone in the house would be gone, except for David. Everyone would have taken their cars so the only way she could leave was an uber. But David would make sure she didn't leave. Now it was time.

Caitlyn got up and just laid down. After scrolling through her phone she went to the bathroom and got ready for a lazy day with Kristen. She figured Kristen was in the living room like she always was so Caitlyn got ready with her door open.

After changing and brushing her teeth and hair she made the bed. Caitlyn always felt weird not making a bed. She couldn't just leave it messy, it didn't look right.

"Good morning." Caitlyn walked out of Kristen's bedroom towards the living room. Once she was met with silence she looked around the house. Empty. She smiled at the thought of being alone and head to the living room. Soon her thoughts were crushed.

"Hey." David mumbled. Caitlyn rolled her eyes and turned around. "No Caitlyn wait." David called out and she turned around.


"Last night was great and you know it. Why are you all the sudden being so distant? I know you're capable of being nice. Cough cough yesterday." David sat on the couch and Caitlyn slowly went to sit the furthest she could from him on the same couch.

"David listen, I can't keep my guard up, especially to you. You mean so much to me. High school with you was one of the best times and I wish I could go back."

"But we can-"

"No we can't David. We can never go back to how we were. Please stop making this harder than it is. Please stop trying to be my friend again because I'm weak, and I'll keep letting my guard down when I don't want to." Caitlyn sighed and placed her face in her hands. David just looked at her. He caused all this damage. Maybe he could fix it.

David grabbed her hand and moved it so he could see her face. She looked at him and tried to cover it again. "Please don't fight me on this. You trust me, don't you?" David asked and Caitlyn thought for a second.

"No." She mumbled. David looked at her hand that he was holding and let go. David slowly moved further from Caitlyn and turned the tv on.

"I'm here if you need me Cait." He mentioned to the girl who was hiding in her sleeve.

"I won't need you David." With that Caitlyn got up and entered the kitchen.

"Tell everyone what I did. Tell our whole friend group Cait. Make them hate me, I deserve it. Look what I did to you, I deserve to get something in return." David followed her and she turned around with her jaw dropped.

"I'd never do that to you. Watching you suffer would kill me, don't you wonder why I've kept it in?" Caitlyn mumbled and poured orange juice. David sighed.

"I'll tell them. I'll them all. Whatever I can do Cait so I can have a chance to be your friend." David left the house before Caitlyn could object. She stood there overfilling her cup just in shock. After realizing she cleaned it up and grabbed her phone. She can't let David tell everyone.

The last thing Caitlyn wants is everyone to know. She doesn't want David hated and it can only make this situation worse. No matter how rude she is to David, she could never let him do this.

Caitlyn Moore
david please don't tell anyone

David Dobrik
caitlyn dw. it's for the best.

Caitlyn Moore
david no it isn't.

David Dobrik
dw about me ill be fine.
hey, it'll make it easier for
you to not need me.

Caitlyn Moore
please come back david

Caitlyn Moore
david ill do anything.
please don't make this worse

David Dobrik
cait stop. i deserve this.

Caitlyn Moore
no you don't. please come back,
we can work this out.

Caitlyn Moore
dobrik ima hurt you. come

After ten minutes Caitlyn ran to the door and got ready to find David, wherever he was. As she opened the door, David was on the other side ready to knock.

"I- David." Caitlyn looked at him. He just looked upset.

"I wanna work it out, and quick because I already told Liza and Zane what I did and they're upset." David said and Caitlyn opened the door and quickly locked it behind him.

"David I'm open to be civil. Not friends, just civil." Caitlyn suggested and David just looked down.

"I can't be civil with someone I'm in love with."

"Well try." Caitlyn softened and looked at him. "Liza and Zane just pulled up, everything I'm about to do means nothing okay? I just want to get them off your back." Caitlyn went to the door and opened it to two mad people.

"Where is he?" Zane asked and Liza hung behind.

"Zane calm down, we talked it out and we're all good." Caitlyn plastered a smile on her face and put her arm around David. "Please leave so we can continue talking."

Liza and Zane didn't want to leave, they wanted to yell at David and give him what he deserved. But seeing them get along was meaning that the plan was working so they hesitantly left.

Caitlyn quickly took her arm off of David and looked at him. "I don't think we will ever be just civil." David said looking at the girl in front of him. "Especially not when I know you love me too." David reached for her hand but she pulled it away.

"We'll be civil and that's the best you're getting." Caitlyn crossed her arms and walked away.

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