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Caitlyn sat there with her headphones in. She liked to make sure she would have to make no extra human contact then she had to. Caitlyn was sat facing the window in the corner of the restaurant. Each morning she visited the same place for the same breakfast.

Her hair was pulled into a lose side braid with many fallen pieces. Her MacBook was sat in front of her and opened to her emails. She was currently reading one about a new job offer she had received.

"You all set Cait?" A familiar women asked Caitlyn. Caitlyn looked up and nodded at the sweet lady as she watched her plate be swiped from the table. "How are you today?" The lady asked Caitlyn with a warm smile on her face. She was the only one who knew that Caitlyn's headphones were never playing any music.

"I'm as amazing as I was yesterday!" Caitlyn exclaimed with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"How about a donut on the house?" Sabrina offered. Before Caitlyn could reject the kind offer Sabrina was walking towards the back. Caitlyn sighed and shut her MacBook.

"Hurry there's no one at the front counter, punch in all the times on the card." A males voice stated. Caitlyn couldn't help but be curious as to what was happening in the front of the restaurant.

"Hi I would like to redeem this for a free donut." A small female presented the full card to an employee. The employee displayed a confused look as they had just given her that card.

"We're kidding we're kidding! We took the stamp while you were gone." The male laughed and soon the employee joined in.

"David you confused the guy!" The woman smiled as they head towards the exit of the store. Caitlyn was seated in the corner next to the door and watched them walking by, making eye contact with the girl. They exchanged smiles.

Soon the guy saw the girl was looking over in Caitlyn's direction and he decided to see what she was looking at. In that split second, David Dobrik made eye contact with Caitlyn Moore for the first time in years. David couldn't have been anymore excited. Caitlyn couldn't have been anymore pissed.

Not all chapters will be
this short :) I have never
written a story like this,
this all foreign to me
so sorry this is shit. I'm trying something new. With that,
I hope you enjoyed the
official first chapter of Youtube Royalty. Bye lovelies! <3

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