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Caitlyn went to school with David. They met when they were each ten years old. David was struggling with his multiplication tables and Caitlyn reached out to help. David thought the girl was smart and asked her to be friends. The two were inseparable and stayed close throughout almost all their years of school together.

As time went on Caitlyn found it hard to keep up with David. Even remaining his friend was a challenge. David was almost becoming too cool for Caitlyn but could never leave her. Well at least that's what he told her.

Caitlyn knew she couldn't keep her best friend forever but part of her always hoped she could. They needed one another in their lives. So why do the two hate each other now? One person decided they no longer needed the other.

Caitlyn Moore had made a decision. A decision that she will never, ever associate with David Dobrik. David Dobrik made a decision that he wanted to leave everything in the past. After what Caitlyn went through, she wasn't that forgiving when it came to David.

David was the shy one of the friendship. Caitlyn was his first and only friend up until high school. On the other hand Caitlyn had many friends and was popular her whole school career. David became known in high school and soon branched out.

All of what they knew soon changed once he got into social media. Even though Caitlyn was the outgoing one of the friendship, she could never do what David did. She couldn't put herself onto the internet like he did. She envied that about him.

David soon made many more friends once he grew on his social media platforms. As popular as he became he still never surpassed Caitlyn in popularity. But once it came to senior year, everything was different for the two.

David had unintentionally passed Caitlyn in popularity. She didn't mind though. Caitlyn never cared about her popularity or people liking her. She never let outside influence bother her when it came to her life.

Caitlyn was falling off the popularity charts during senior year. She was loosing a few friends and started focusing more on her grades. Caitlyn used to be a party girl. She was rich and always threw the nicest parties for the whole school. She dated the hottest guy in school but he was her only boyfriend. Everyone was always impressed by her and tried to be her friend.

David soon reached that level of popularity, except he took it too far. He began craving the popularity and attention. Unlike Caitlyn, he loved the attention and wanted all eyes on him. But he couldn't do that while still being friends with Caitlyn.

She just wasn't cool enough for him and if he kept her around, he couldn't improve his image. So David Dobrik did the one thing he could. He left Caitlyn Moore.

David doesn't like to talk about what else happened. He broke Caitlyn. Caitlyn still holds a grudge and will never get over that. She has never been more hurt than when David left her.

He regret letting go of such an amazing friend and missed her everyday he didn't have her. David had tried apologizing and attempting to rebuild their broken friendship. Caitlyn doesn't do second chances. She strongly believes people don't change.

After loosing her best friend she was damaged. Caitlyn Moore was lost and it was all David Dobriks fault. He gave up on her when he said he never would. He abandoned her for popularity. He took her for granted.

The two are now both successful adults. Caitlyn still holds a grudge and David has moved on. David believes what's in the past is there for a reason.

This is what takes us to present day. The day the two cross pathes again. The first time Caitlyn Moore is seeing David Dobrik in years.

Let me tell you, it doesn't go well.

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