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The vacation was perfect, it's like they re-lit a spark. They were now back home and Caitlyn's parents were on their way.

"David they are like five minutes away, do I look okay?" Caitlyn panicked and ran around to clean more.

David grabbed her wrist and pulled her into him, "Beautiful as always, please take a breath babe." Caitlyn nodded and did as he said, and just in time.

"Mama and pops are here and crunk!" Caitlyn's mom fist pumped as she opened the door.

"Oh lord help me," Caitlyn mumbled to herself before slapping a smile on her face. "Let me take your bags!" She offered and took the luggage off of them.

Caitlyn's mom looked around, "David I'm

"Thank you Lee." He smiled and lead her to the kitchen.

"Hi Caity," Her dad smiled and wrapped her in a hug.

"Dad," She smiled back and hugged him. The honeymoon phase, the one time she could stand her parents. The honeymoon phase never lasts.

"Don, wanna watch the game?" David offered and Caitlyn's dad nodded.

"I wanna be in the game." David laughed and they went to the living room.

"He's so cute!" Lisa squealed. Caitlyn looked at her mom and face palmed.

"Glad you think so."

"So I've heard he's famous? All my friends daughters know him and "watch him." Where can I watch him?"

"Oh that would not be smart, they don't come off the best in those videos." Caitlyn exclaims nervously.

"I don't give a fuck, I've heard they're funny and I wanna laugh!" Caitlyn sighed and pulled up his channel on his phone, clicking on one of her favorites.

"I like the intro clip, do do do do do," Lisa sung after it was over.

She rolled her eyes, "Mom stop you're tone deaf." Caitlyn's mom frowned before watching.

"Why is that old man in a crop top?"

"It's for a bit."

"A bit of what? His fat stomach hanging out?"

"Mom!" Caitlyn slapped her arm and Lisa laughed.

"I'm kidding! They all seem to make fun of his weight, I'm now one of them and can do as they do."


"Can I be in one?"


"Yes!" David yelled at the same time from the living room.

Caitlyn scowled at him, "David meant to say no."

"No I didn't! We could take them around, make jokes, let them meet my friends for a video!" He suggested.

"I'd love to hun!" Lisa cheered.

"Funky," Don said and Caitlyn rolled her eyes.

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