Twenty Nine

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The two arrived in New York City. More specifically, a hotel in New York City. Caitlyn went to wash her hands and David laid down on the bed.

"Smells like a hotel." David exclaimed once Caitlyn exited the bathroom.

"Really? Wonder why?"

"Where did you pick up this new found attitude?"

"The store, two dollars."

David rolled his eyes as he stood up, "How am I gonna do a whole week with you?"

"I feel bad for you, I'm annoying." Caitlyn laughed.

"Okay first on the agenda is the mall with a ferris wheel."

"The what?!" Caitlyn exclaimed with a smile.

"Oh you have so much to see." David smiled and grabbed her hand. "Lets go!" He screamed as he dragged her towards the door.

"Wait! I need my purse and a hotel key."

"Check and check." He announced as he showed he was carrying them in his other hand. Caitlyn laughed and then closed the door behind them.

After awhile of walking and David dancing down times square, they made it to the mall. "Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo!" Caitlyn yelled as they ran in line.

"You know you don't get to chose right? It's whatever comes when we're in the front."

"I can't still hope." Caitlyn said smiling as she watching the ferris wheel go around and around. The line was huge and there was no way they'd be out in less than an hour.

"Can I vlog? I just want clips, I won't post or edit until we're home." David gave Caitlyn puppy dog eyes. She rolled her eyes but allowed him.

"What's up guys? We are in New York City!"

Caitlyn swat at him, "Lower your voice."

"DAVID DOBRIK!"  A fan screamed and then they were swarmed.

"Look you raised your voice too damn loud." Caitlyn mumbled. Soon the people in front of them were letting Caitlyn and David cut so they could get the Scooby one that Caitlyn wanted.

"Okay this should align us with it." Caitlyn cheered quietly into David's camera. He recorded that whole encounter.

"We did it gang."

"To the mystery machine!" Caitlyn fist pumped as they ran into their cart since they were next.

David watched Caitlyn look down at the mall with the biggest smile on her face, he smiled at it. "So who are you?"


"No out of the gang. I call Shaggy."



The two sat in silence just overlooking the large mall and all the fans waving. David was recording them and Caitlyn's smile. "Thank you babe."

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