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"No not in that way." David panicked and just looked at Caitlyn. Caitlyn stared back, she saw right through that lie. Now she was torn.

She just got all this weight off of her shoulders only to now have this. David Dobrik was, in love with her. And she didn't think she felt the same. That's a whole new level of pain, for both of them.

"Yeah, right." Caitlyn trailed off. She kept her eyes glued to the floor and everything fell silent. All that was heard was a clock ticking and both of their heart beats synched up to that beat, only adding more anxiety.

"I was an idiot." David yelled out of nowhere, startling Caitlyn. "Why did I treat you like that?" David said, more to himself then to Caitlyn. Caitlyn just let him talk to himself, listening to his out loud thoughts. She was taking them in.

"I don't know why you did. But it stuck with me. You caused my trust issues, insecurities and many more things I now deal with on the daily. My mind hates me and everyday it's all I can think about. Yes it was years ago David, but I still hold onto it. You'll always be that person. Even if you've changed, even if all I want to do right now is hug you and tell you I forgive you. I can't. I can't let myself forgive someone who broke me like you did. I promised myself I'd never let myself be vulnerable around you, but here I am. Spilling my thoughts to someone who once told me I was a waste of oxygen. Who knows what you'll do with this power over me?" Caitlyn breathed in uneven sets and tears pricked at her eyes.

It's all too much for her. Anxiety was a natural part of her life, she can't get rid of it. She's gotten used to it, but now it's hurting more then ever. It officially controls her life and she can't take this. David looked at her.

"I can't believe I messed you up so much. You were never taken over by your thoughts, no one ever controlled you. You never cared what others thought. You used to trust me. Now you're scared I'll take advantage of you. God, what have I done?" David exclaimed sadly. He hated himself, he hated what he's caused.

"I didn't know I did this to you. Don't forgive me, I know I would never forgive someone who did that to me. I'm sorry, I'll leave you alone, I'll stop trying. I need to just be gone. I'll miss you Caitlyn, I'll miss you so god damn much. But I want you better, even if I ruin myself." David started crying and reached out for a hug.

Caitlyn just looked at him. He nodded and put his hands back down to his sides. "Right. I'll go, bye Caitlyn. I'll always love you. I'm okay with just being civil, at this point that's more than I'd ever expect." David waved and started walking away but Caitlyn called his name.

"Please take good care of yourself David. Eat and sleep. I'll always care David, I hate that but it's true." Caitlyn said and David nodded.

"I'll do anything for you." He mumbled and then left, closing the door gently behind him. Caitlyn looked around the room and just let a few tears fall. That was something high school didn't teach you. How to deal with heart break. No one could have ever prepared Caitlyn for the amount of pain she just went through. But she was doing the right thing.

These few years without him were amazing. She was happy. She wants that back and connects it to David, so he needed to leave. It was for the best. It was, right?

"We heard everything." Kristen ran in and sat with Caitlyn.

"How? Why?" Caitlyn started crying.

"We sat outside the door, Liza went to help David. That was brutal." Kristen hugged the crying Caitlyn.

"How do people do it?" Caitlyn sobbed. "Did you tell Liza?"

"I'd never do that to you." Kristen smiled and she comforted her crying friend. Kristen never told Caitlyn, but her and Liza teared up hearing it all go down.

"David I love you." Liza cooed as tears poured from his eyes in his Tesla. Liza didn't know what to do, he's never been so upset. "David that even hurt me." She started.

"I'm sorry for you." David said sarcastically through his tears, clearly taking that the wrong way. Liza just held him tighter, she knew he didn't mean that.

"Please tell me what I can do to fix this." Liza felt a tear roll down her cheek as she looked at her crying best friend.

"You can help me be gone. Help me disappear." He mumbled and Liza wiped his eyes.

"I will never do that. I need you David." She said and he scoffed.

"No one needs me." He mumbled and started his car. "Let go of me I want to leave." David said and Liza quickly unraveled herself and sat still in the passenger seat. David drove to Scotty, Toddy and Jason's house and both of them walked in. Not exchanging any words.

"Hey guys!" Jason said with a smile but it quickly fell off of his face after seeing David. "What's with the cryi-?"

"I'm fine." David pushed him and sat on the couch.

"Him and Caitlyn fought terribly and it was heartbreaking. He loves her and she wants nothing to do with him." Liza said and Jason nodded sympathetically.

"Poor kid wow. He's never experienced something like this." Jason said and Liza sighed.

"Yes and he's not taking it well." She mumbled and Jason looked back over at the crying boy.

"Anything we can do?" Jason looked back at Liza.

"He just wants to disappear. We can't do anything, it's all him. Unless Caitlyn can help but she wouldn't." Liza mumbled and suddenly Jason got an idea.

"Or would she?" Jason looked at Liza.

"What do you mean?" Liza asked confused.

"We can do this, for David." Jason said and started whispering his plan to Liza.

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