Twenty Eight

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"Mom?" Caitlyn gasped as she answered the call.

"Good evening Caitlyn." Her mom mumbled.

"Mom what do you want?" Caitlyn sighed.

"To check on you. I know you're dating that David boy, why wouldn't you tell me sweetie. I've always loved him, since high school." Caitlyn's mom sounded genuine.

"We haven't talked in months, was I just supposed to call you and be like 'I'm dating David.' out of nowhere?" Caitlyn asked, as nice as she could.

"I wish we didn't lose contact in the first place. Your father and I are going to come out to LA for the week how does that sound?"

"Mom with all due respect, you can't come this week. How about next week?" Caitlyn cracked her knuckles anxiously.

"No we've already booked everything for this week. Do you not want to see us?"

"No mom I do but David and I have been having problems so this week we are working it out."

"Sweetie your father and I can help."

"No. No you can't, we need to work this out ourselves."

"Okay okay. We'll rebook for next week. See you soon Caitlyn."

"Bye mom see you soon!" Caitlyn exclaimed before hanging up. She placed her phone on the kitchen counter then head to the living room where she laid down on the couch. A whole week with her parents, she didn't know if she could deal. She loves them but they never let her breathe. That's why they drifted in the first place.

"What was that all about?" David said from behind Caitlyn, startling her.

"Not really your business." Caitlyn laughed.

"Sorry I was thrown off by the mention of my name." He said playfully rolling his eyes.

"My parents are coming out next week."

"I love your parents!" David exclaimed but frowned when he saw Caitlyn wasn't as excited.

"I just, ugh. I don't think I have the brain power for a day with them let alone a week." Caitlyn exclaimed with a grunt. She laid down on the couch mumbling to herself while David was in the kitchen.

how'd it go cait?
you never got back
to me :(

David looked at Caitlyn's phone. Conner was for sure a guys name. David wasn't too thrilled with this.

"Hey, Caitlyn?" David calls and Caitlyn sits up.

"Hm?" She hums looking at him. David holds up her phone for her to see.

"Who's Conner?" He points to the screen.

"The guy that was at your party one time." She shrugged.

"And you're texting him why?" David crossed his arms.

"He was helping me with you." Caitlyn stood up and walked over to him.

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