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"You're trying to make me kill you, aren't you?" Liza's voice irritated Caitlyn's head. Caitlyn had a major hangover even though she felt sober all night, remembers everything and barley drank.

"You're annoying." Caitlyn sat up and looked around the unfamiliar place. She soon remembered her and Liza went back to Liza's to spend the night.

"Here." Liza handed her painkillers and water. Caitlyn mumbled a small thank you and quickly took them. She rubbed her forehead then stood up to stretch.

David was hanging half way off of his couch with Scotty on the other end and Matt on the floor below him. Davids head was pounding as he moved his eyes to scan his surroundings.

"I was fucked up last night." David exhaled and held his spinning head.

"Morning baby." Zane called from the kitchen. David looked too quickly and irritated his headache even more. "I'm making eggs." Zane added and David nodded slowly.

"Talk quieter." Matt groaned from the floor. David started laughing but soon stopped. Even moving his head hurt.

David and Caitlyn were both lightweights when it came to drinking. They used to stop each other from drinking in high school but last night neither cared.

"Do you remember last night?" Liza asked Caitlyn as they were both watching tv.

"Yes. Its weird because I'm so hungover but barley drank and remember everything." Caitlyn pulled the blanket over her and grabbed her water.

"That's strange because I don't remember anything but I'm not hungover." Liza looked confused at Caitlyn and they both laughed.

"I feel like shit." Caitlyn miserably mumbled as she stood up. "Where is everyone else? They didn't drive did they?" Caitlyn looks worried at Liza and Liza shakes her head.

"No of course not. Most of them stayed at Davids although Corinna, Kristen and Gabbie are in my room." Liza exclaimed and Caitlyn nodded. Caitlyn woke up on Liza's couch so she hadn't seen the girls.

"We should probably wake them up." Caitlyn suggests and Liza nods.

"Wanna pour water on them?" Liza smirked and Caitlyn nodded. "Let's go get cups."

After they filled up four large bowls of water they tip toed into Liza's bedroom. "You're gonna ruin your bed."

"Well then we better record it so it was worth it." Liza winked and put the bowls down to grab her camera. She set it down and then they both went on either side of the bed. Caitlyn had Kristen and Liza had Corinna. Gabbie was in the middle.

"Three, two, one!" They dumped them and the three girls shot up.

"You guys are douchebags." Kristen whined and she squeezed out her clothes. Both Liza and Caitlyn high fived.

David was eating his eggs on a barstool and Matt was sat next to him. "Hey." Todd muttered as he excited a bedroom. He grabbed a plate and sat across from the guys.

"Last night was fun." Zane cheered and almost everyone agreed.

"No." David said with a mouthful of eggs. Everyone looked at him confused and he explained. "Until a guy had his tongue down Caits throat." David stabbed his fork into the eggs.

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