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David nodded and left the room. Caitlyn stayed silent as she slouched into the couch. Thoughts wandered her head as she thought about what just went down.

He could regret everything all he wants, but that doesn't take back the pain he caused me. That doesn't fix the fact that I was broken. She said in her head. She tried to justify her rudeness.

Caitlyn never liked to be rude, especially to someone she still cared about. But David would never know that. She was always the super sweet and fun girl who never had any conflicts.

But she couldn't get close to him again, she couldn't do that to her high school self. Her high school self was so unbelievably upset that she vowed she would never be friends with David Dobrik again.

She couldn't let herself forgive him. She would disappoint her younger self. So Caitlyn put on this act. It killed her every time she had to be rude but if she was nice, David would take advantage.

If Caitlyn would ever forgive him, which was unlikely, he needed to fight for her. He let go of her so easy, coming back into her life won't be that easy.

David sat in Scottys room and just looked at himself in the mirror. Kristen sat on one side of him and Scotty on the other. "David she will come around." Kristen mumbled.

"Kristen the thing is she won't. She's hard to get, I should have never let her go. But I did. I was a stupid teenager and I don't understand why she can't forgive me." He sighed, he was defeated.

"David just get ready for tonight. We are going to have an amazing time with all of our friends." Scotty tried to lighten the mood.

"Will she be there?" David asked looking between both of them. Kristen slowly nodded. "Then I won't be having a good time." He finished his statement.

"Just try David." Kristen smiled and David nodded.

"Of course I'll try." He slightly smiled and left the room. David planned on leaving to get ready. After all the party is at his house and in about two hours. He walked right through the living room and to the door. Not making any type of eye contact with Caitlyn.

Caitlyn wanted to speak up, but she couldn't. She wanted to say something about seeing him tonight, but he could take it as her trying to be rude, when she isn't.

He left the house and Caitlyn just stared at the door. Soon Kristen came out and sat next to her. "Wanna get ready together?" Kristen asked after a minute of silence. Caitlyn nodded.

"What should I wear?" Caitlyn asked and Kristen smirked.

"Something sexy of course. Bitch it's a party, with lots of guys." Kristen winked making Caitlyn laugh and blush.

"I don't even feel like I'm working for you guys I feel like I'm a friend." Caitlyn smiled widely and Kristen nodded.

"Basically. Now come on let's get ready." Kristen dragged Caitlyn into her bedroom.

"My clothes are at my house." Caitlyn slightly laughed. Kristen went red from embarrassment.

"Oh yeah, oops." Kristen laughed. "Okay go get a hot outfit and bring it back here. We'll do makeup and hair. I'll invite the other girls." Kristen said to Caitlyn. Caitlyn nodded and drove to her apartment.

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