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Caitlyn Moore

I straightened my shirt out of any wrinkles. At this moment I was heading to my job interview. My sister had sent me this job offer awhile ago and said it would be something I'm good at. The interview seemed casual so I just wore a regular outfit but a tad dressed up.

My last job was very well paying but so boring. I finally decided to change it up. Even though this job doesn't pay as much, it intrigued me more. I was currently driving to this persons house. The interview was to be someone's assistant.

It may be a step down from where I last worked but after reading the job description it actually sounded fun. This person was a social media influencer I had never heard of and needed someone to help out around the house. For just having a small list of things to do it was a pretty generous pay.

I rang the doorbell and saw a male come to the door. I smiled as he stuck his hand out for me to shake and lead me inside the large house. I was in awe at how crazy this house looked. The walls were all rainbow and there was a coffin in the corner.

"You must be Caitlyn, I'm Scotty." He introduced himself and I smiled as we took a seat. "Are you a laidback kind of person?" He started.

I shrugged and looked at him. "On the contrary of how I am acting in this interview, I actually am a very chill and outgoing person." I smile.

"You can be yourself, don't try to impress me." He says laughing and I nod. "Well I already know much about you from the application you filled out so do you mind if I ask more personalized questions?" Scotty exclaimed.

I nodded and let him continue. "What's you're biggest fear? Not something mental something physical." He added the last part.

"Maybe sharks." I respond and he just nods.

"Biggest pet peeve?" He piped up.

"People who think they are better then others." I scoff making him laugh.

"Are you okay with being on camera?" He mumbled as he grabbed his camera.

"Of course." I laugh at him attempting to work his camera. "Need help?" I ask making him smile.

"No." He responded and finally got it working.

I slowly clapped. "Congrats." I noted towards the camera.

"Thanks." He deadpanned and I smiled.

"Alright I'll call you in about two days. You are in the top two because all the other people didn't really have a personality." He said making me laugh.

"I bet they had one, just a boring one." I remark and he nods.

"That has to be it. I'll give you a call." He smiled and lead me to the door.

"That's all?" I ask.

"That's all." He confirms and I went back to the car. "Bye Caitlyn!" He exclaimed as I started walking away and I waved in response. That was the quickest and oddest interview I've ever attended.

It was now the evening and the last place I wanted to be was at my apartment alone. I drove around the block for a few minutes so I could finish my favorite song that had come on the radio. I then decided to call my friend.

"Tori, wanna come over tonight?" I ask into the phone and hear my friend squeal.

"Of course! I'll be over in three, you better have snacks and movies and I'll bring the games." I heard her say before being met with a large beep, she had hung up on me.

"Take a piece of my heart, make it all your own. So when we are apart, you'll never be alone." I hummed along with the radio as I drove back to my apartment.

I stepped onto the concrete and walked into the building. I hated coming home at night because my neighbors are kind of sketch. Especially when they ask me what kind of underwear I wear. Sketch.

I quickly unlocked my door and got into my apartment. I changed into pajamas and made popcorn. "It's your favorite bitch, bitch." My door opened and I heard Victoria slam it behind her.

"I'm making popcorn you can pick a movie." I give her the remote and she smiles.

"Okay what's our mood today? What kind of movie we feeling?" She said within chewing her gum. Victoria is the type of person where when she has gum, you'll know. She chews it loudly and occasionally makes bubbles, she thinks she's cool.

"Funny." I state as the microwave beeps.

"White chicks it is." Victoria mumbles and starts the movie, but pauses it before it can play.

"Tori guess who I saw today?" I take the seat next to her and she hums. "David Dobrik." I say and she gasps.

"Dude! Good you two can get over your shit." She responds and I scoff.

"Yeah, no." I roll my eyes at her comment.

"Oh come on Cait, it was so long ago. David and I are on good terms and he's great." Victoria smiles and nudges me.

"That's different, he was only shitty to me." I sigh.

"He apologized Cait, what else can he do?" Victoria looked at me and my eyes widened.

"Vicky listen, it's not happening. I'm never going to see him again." I say and she nods.

"You're right, but I can still hang with him right?" She mumbled, being worried.

"Of course, I cant control you." I shrug and she thanks me before we start the movie.


I woke up the next morning to a note taped onto my forehead. It read,

Hey bitch. I had to leave
early because I had plans
with my mom. Don't miss
me too much. Hope you aren't
upset, love you baby <3

I crumpled it up and threw it out. I head to my bathroom to get ready and change to get breakfast.

"Victoria what the fuck?" I cursed her as I entered my room. There were bags of M&Ms everywhere. Like on every surface and I'm just so confused on how she did this. I laughed and changed then took my daily route to the restaurant.

"My favorite customer!" Sabrina exclaimed proudly as I walked in. I smiled and took my usual seat in the corner and Sabrina went to get me my usual meal. I loved having it all set in stone, it's much easier for me to live on a schedule.

Today I was about a half an hour late because of Victoria's dumbass M&Ms. I still can't even wrap my head around what is wrong with her and why that happened. Well I tried to, until someone interrupted my thoughts.

"Caitlyn, hey." I heard a males voice and looked up. I met eyes with David Dobrik and let me tell you, it's even worse the second time.

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