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Step four, the truth always finds its way out.

It's time for David to come clean to everyone. That would be easy considering Liza is hosting a get together with all of their friends. How convenient for him. It's almost like it's planned. Hm.

It's now one hour into this get together and everyone is playing patty cake in a circle. "Who said adults have to be mature?" Caitlyn remarks as she bakes the cake and everyone laughs.

Caitlyn and David were sat the furthest from each other, for obvious reasons. David would always take a quick glance at the smiling girl and just prepare himself to tell everyone. His eyes wandered across everyone in the room. This was it. The end of many friendships.

"Guys, can you all listen here?" David stood up and everyone eyes darted to him. "I'd like to make one thing clear, this is my own choice and I need you guys to hear me out." David finished and Caitlyn shifted uneasy in her seat. She was expecting a grand apology, what she didn't expect was all the stuff before it.

"The reason Caitlyn hates me is simple. I basically bullied her, a lot. After I became popular I abandoned her and started making fun of her. Since she was so unpopular I cut her off because if I hung out with a lame person it would ruin my reputation. I also tried to get all her friends to turn on her and spilled secrets, so there. It may not be that big but Caitlyn took it hard." David sighed and looked at Caitlyn who was trying to disappear.

"That's why you still hate him? After years you can't forgive that?" Scotty looked at Caitlyn and everyone soon was watching her. It's hard to disappear when everyone is staring at you. She looked up at all the eyes and just looked down.

"Um, yeah- yeah that's all, I just took it hard." Caitlyn mumbled and never looked up. Truth is, that's not all, that's the short story of what he did. Maybe Caitlyn looked like a little bitch when she says that's all he did, but she can't rat him out in front of his friends. She can't hurt him even more.

David did much more, he hurt her much more then what that story entailed. But that's not something anyone will know except Kristen. She's not making all his friends turn on him, she'd rather look like a pussy right now then hurt him in the long run.

"Um Cait, a word?" Kristen stood up and Caitlyn followed her into the bathroom. "Caitlyn, what the fuck? He just lied to make himself not seem as bad and you're just gonna let him?"

"He didn't lie, he truly doesn't know what he did. And he will never, got it?" Caitlyn looked sternly into Kristen's eyes.

"Why are you letting him get away with this? Everyone thinks you're a baby, they all think you should forgive him. Now what are you gonna do?" Kristen questions and Caitlyn sighs, she hadn't thought of that.

"I don't know, I don't know Kristen. But I'll figure it out. Don't. Say. Anything." Caitlyn points her finger and then leaves the bathroom. Kristen sighed, this can be so easily solved, why are they so stubborn?

Finally Kristen was done playing their game. She's done waiting around for their stubborn asses to get together. The plan was taking too long, it's time she takes matters into her own hands.

"Okay guys lets drink!" Kristen exits the bathroom to head to the kitchen. She opens a cabinet to reveal tons of alcohol and everyone walks over to get some. Everyone except Caitlyn and David.

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