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Step two, talking.

The next part of the plan was the hardest to execute, well until the girls had a full proof idea. By the end of this step, Caitlyn and David will be talking in no time.

"How was your date with Alex?" Kristen smirked as Caitlyn came back home.

"It was not good or bad." Caitlyn shrugged and Kristen pulled her to sit on the couch.

"Why what happened?" Kristen asked confused.

"We went to the movies. I hate the movies as a first date. I mean he's great and all but we didn't really connect because we couldn't talk." Caitlyn just sighed and went to change into Kristen's clothes. They were close enough where Caitlyn would just stay with Kristen and use all of her stuff.

"Do you know a Sam?" Kristen asked and Caitlyn nodded.

"Yeah she went to my school why?" Caitlyn wipes off her makeup and looks at Kristen.

"That's the girl David is going on a date with." Kristen then looks at her ringing phone. "Speaking of David." She gestures to her phone and Caitlyn sees he's calling.

Kristen shushes Caitlyn and puts it on speaker. "What's up David?"

"Where's the nearest park?" David asks and Kristen thinks for a second.

"I'll the send you the name, why?" Caitlyn tilts her head and looks at Kristen confused. Kristen's acting isn't that good and this was definitely a weird kind of set up. Almost to make Caitlyn jealous of whatever was happening.

"I'm going on a date and I need a cute place to set up a picnic." David started and Caitlyn's glance shot up.

"I'll send you it, bye." Kristen hung up and looked at Caitlyn. Caitlyn knew why he did that. Caitlyn knew Kristen was in on this. Little Caitlyn know that was only the half of it.

"That's a weird place for a date." Caitlyn said smiling and headed to Kristen's room.

The Next Day

David was sat on a blanket with Sam.

"So what's your biggest fear?" David asked and Sam scoffed.

"Why would you have a date outdoors? This is stupid." She mumbled and David rolled his eyes.

"So we can get to know each other." David crossed his arms.

"Why can't we be normal and go to the movies? I'm done with this. I'm having my friend come get me, since we are in the middle of nowhere and an uber can't get me." With that Sam got up and left David there. David frowned and looked at his phone. Kristen was the only one who knew where he was so he called her.

"Can you come get me? She didn't like the idea of an outdoor date and I'm in the middle of nowhere." David exclaimed and Kristen smirked.

"I'm not home, the only one who is, is Caitlyn." Kristen said smiling wide. This was perfect.

"I'll just call the guys." David scoffed and almost hung up.

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