Twenty Three

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"Tired are we?" Sabrina smiles as the girl was just waking up.

"What just happened?" Caitlyn rubbed her eyes as she looked around the coffee shop.

"You were reading an email about some job offer and dozed off for a good twenty minutes." Sabrina laughed as she cleared the table.

"Hurry there's no one at the front counter, punch in all the times on the card." A males voice spoke from the front of the store. Caitlyn looked up and saw David.

""Hi I would like to redeem this for a free donut." The girl next to him said.

"We're kidding we're kidding! We took the stamp while you were gone." David laughed.

"David you confused the guy!" The woman smiled as they head towards the exit of the store. Or towards Caitlyn in a better description.

"Cait?" David asked and Caitlyn smiled.

"David! Hi!" Caitlyn stood up and hugged him. "And you must be Liza." Caitlyn shakes Lizas hand as she uncertainly shook it back.

"I've missed you." David smiled.

"Let's catch up soon!" Caitlyn suggested and the boy nodded.

"Okay give me your number and I'll see you soon." He said but she shook her head.

"You'll see me sooner than you think." She winked as she thought about the job and where it would take her. She will not mess it up this time.

the book came full circle :))
um this was not how
i wanted it to go.
thanks for all
the support though! <3

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